When Does Naruto Fight Pain? Naruto vs Pain Episode

Naruto vs Pain fight is one of the most iconic fights, not just in the Naruto series but in the whole anime world. This fight gave our main character Naruto a lot more room to grow up and work with some serious issues. And as a Naruto fan, you ought to watch the fight every once in a while. But wait, when does naruto fight pain?

After returning to the village with backups, Naruto starts to fight Pain. Naruto vs Pain fight starts in the 163rd episode and the fight lasts till the 169th episode. The episode Naruto starts fighting Pain is called ‘Explode! Sage Mode & the episode in the fight ends is called ‘The Two Students’

Naruto vs Pain Fight

naruto vs pain

Pain is the Leader of the infamous Akatsuki. The terrorist organization that worked as a hired mercenary and later start to hunt down the tailed beasts. Sooner or later, they ought to come for Naruto. Even in the Naruto 2002 series, we saw Itachi and Kisame trying to capture Naruto in order to extract the 9 tails.

Jiraiya found out that the leader of Akatsuki was in the Hidden Rain Village. He infiltrated and started gathering intel. However, he encountered the leader Pain and had no choice but to fight alone. Even when he had multiple chances to retreat, Jiraiya chose to stay and reveal the secret, so that someone from the village can later use that to defeat Pain.

So, it was inevitable that Naruto has to fight Pain. And for that, Tsunade sent him to Mount Myoboku to learn sage mode.

Later when Pain attacked the hidden leaf village Naruto came back to the Leaf Village and fought Pain.

When Does Naruto Fight Pain?

Naruto trains under Lord Fukasaku in Mount Myoboku. And when the Leader of Akatsuki attacked the Leaf Village, Tsunade ordered the messenger frog to bring back Naruto to the village.

Granny Shima used the summoning Jutsu and summoned Naruto, Fukasaku, and other Ninja Toads as backups. Naruto appears in the village right in the middle of the village at the end of the 162nd episode of Naruto Shippuden. The fight begins the very next episode.

Naruto meets Pain for the first time in the 163rd episode. As Pain tries to eliminate the extremely fatigued Tsunade, Naruto Jumps in and destroys one of the pain with a single blow.

Then he orders Gamakichu to take Lady Tsunade to somewhere safe and takes over from there.

Naruto’s fight against Pain starts at the 163rd episode of Shippuden and it continues to the 169th episode.

In What Episode Does Naruto Beat Pain?

Naruto beats the Tendo Pain in Naruto Shippuden’s 168th episode. After he breaks free from the Chibaku Tensei and suppresses the 9 Tails Chakra thanks to the 4th Hokage, starts to fight Pain again.

With hand-to-hand combat against fatigued Tendo Pain, Naruto with his extremely unorthodox tactics wins the fight and reverse-tracked Nagato’s whereabouts.

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Naruto fights Pain in Naruto Shippuden episode 163-169. These long fight offers so much to the story and the characters, that it is arguably the most influential fight in the Naruto series.

The 7-episode long fight will hook you no doubt about it if you haven’t seen it already. And if you are here to know the episode number to rewatch, well you are not the only one.

We all rewatch this fight whenever we remember it.

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