How Does Tsunade Die In Naruto? Who Killed Tsunade?

Fans and followers of Naruto often call Tsunade in question regarding various facts and “Does Tsunade die?” is one of most asked inquiries you would find. For some of the fans lady Tsunade’s death, if it exists, is a matter of great interest. So, let’s not wait and traverse through the article to know the answer in detail.

Tsunade never died in Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden, or in the Boruto universe. She is very much alive as we find her attending the wedding of Naruto and Hinata. Even though she had multiple close to death situations and times when she literally went into a coma after Pain attacked the village, she did not die.

Those of you who are really interested in knowing is Tsunade dead in Naruto or Boruto franchise? prepare yourself to get a big spoiler ahead.

So today in this post we will be telling you, does Tsunade die against pain, Madara, and if she’s dead in Boruto.

Does Tsunade Die Against Pain?

It is a big question quite a fan asks often and let us explain the reason why. Lady Tsunade was on the verge of death two times in a row- one is when Pain attacks Konoha and she even being the Fifth Hokage chose to heal everyone in the village.

Later she uses her ultimate technique Mitotic Regeneration: The Hundred Healings, which almost costs Tsunade’s life. But, he regained her consciousness after that. And no, she didn’t die against pain.

Does Tsunade Die Against Madara?

The second time is when she fought Madara Uchiha in the 4th Great Ninja War. Although the fight was intense, Madara defeated the 5 Kages, but it turned out that Tsunade actually survived.

Even though she was cut in half, she didn’t die. So, in the end, she survived both life-threatening encounters and keeps living on in the Naruto franchise.

The Tragedy With Tsunade

If you look at Tsunade for the first time, she will seem like a badass beautiful woman in her twenties. Actually, she is a woman in her fifties with lots of scars and trauma in her memory. 

Tsunade is a former student of Hiruzen with teammates named Jiraiya and Orochimaru. Although she bears a close connection with the first three Hokage, she hates the position of Hokage. 

This is more vivid when her love interest Dan Kato and her younger brother Nawaki Senju breathe their last in pursuit of the dream of being Hokage.

She gifts Nawaki Senju’s necklace in the hope that it will fulfill his dream of being a Hokage. Nawaki, however, dies the next day at Second Shinobi World War. 

She also gives the same necklace to Dan Kato as he discloses to her about the dream of being a Hokage. She fails to save Dan too in the war. With severe blood loss, Dan dies and Tsunade develops hemophobia due to her failure.

After these traumatic deaths of her boyfriend and brother, she completely loses faith in the concept of attaining a title.

Tsunade Regains Faith

Even after her bitter experiences, she regains faith in the concept of gaining a title after watching intently Naruto Uzumaki who never gives up his strive in becoming Hokage.

As a result, Tsunade ascends to the title of Fifth Hokage, a title she finally accepts in order to protect Konohagakure.

She does so on the behalf of her loved one who lives and is deceased. Later, she takes Sakura as her apprentice as Jiraiya takes Naruto and Orochimaru takes Sasuke. 

Is Tsunade Dead in Boruto?

No, even in the Boruto series, our 5th Hokage Tsunade is still alive. At present in Boruto, Naruto is the running Hokage. Both Tsunade and Kakashi retired from their duty. Though she’s relieved from her duty as a Hokage, Naruto still asks for her advice if he needs any.

Tsunade Death Episode

Princess Tsunade never died, not even in any filler episode. So there is no death episode for that. People often misunderstand the time she was in a coma, after Pain’s invasion.

However, Tsunade didn’t die, she was extremely fatigued protecting everyone in the village with her healing abilities. As a result, she went into a coma. But, she didn’t die at all. So, there’s no Tsunade death episode.

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Does Tsunade Retire as Hokage?

Yes, about a year after the 4th Great Ninja war, Lady Tsunade retires as Hokage. She then nominates Kakashi the next Hokage.

After stepping down from the position, she enjoys her day-to-day life as an ordinary person. As a Hokage, she retires and entrusts the future of the village to the next generation.

Who does Tsunade marry?

Lady Tsunade does not marry anyone. She had a crush on Orochimaru but he had no interest in any romantic endeavor. She loved Dan, but he died in a battle. 

Later, Tsunade grew feeling for Jiraiya and wanted to pursue, once Jiraiya comes back from his last mission. But as we know, he never came back. And for that, Tsunade never married anyone.

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Does Tsunade Have a Child?

No, Tsunade never had a child and didn’t marry anyone. Although, there are a few fan theories that speculate Minato might be her child, which is not true at all.

And there is absolutely no evidence that the 5th Hokage has any child at all.


As we see the presence of Tsunade at Naruto’s wedding, it is confirmed that she is alive and kicking. There is another common question among fans- Does Tsunade retire? Well, yes she did retire and made Kakashi the 6th Hokage. Then she starts enjoying her quiet peaceful time somewhere. Her whereabouts are not certain, however, there is a hope that Kishimoto at a point shall say something about it. 

To wrap it up, for those of you who wanted to know, Does Tsunade die, now she is alive. Even after fighting so many different wars and enemies she’s still alive and well. And no, even in the Boruto series, she’s alive. She still looks the same charming lady, thanks to her Senju bloodline and special healing Jutsu.

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