Does Choji Die Fighting Jirobo In Naruto?

Choji Akimichi is a part of the renowned Ino-Shika-Cho trio. As a leaf shinobi, he has completed many missions successfully. Some of those are easy, some are difficult, and some are literally life-risking. So, in any of those life-risking missions, does Choji die?

No, Choji does not die in Naruto, Shippuden or in Boruto series. Though he faced near-death situations only once. But he survives. Hence, he doesn’t die in Naruto or in the Boruto universe. The one and only time we saw him on the verge of death was in 113-114 his battle with Jirobo. 

In this article, we will tell you about Choji, his fight against Jirobo, if he dies in that fight or not, and some other important questions as well.

Who is Choji?

Choji Akimichi

Choji is a shinobi from the Leaf Village. His clan’s name is the Akimichi. His father is Choza Akimichi. Akimichi clan is renowned for their Expansion Jutsu, and their variations. Which makes them quite unique from the other clans.

Choji loves to eat. His favorite food is Yakiniku and other snacks. He will never have you the last piece of his snacks. Apart from that being a part of his personality, it also is crucial for their well-known expansion Jutsu.

He has a kind heart. Well, he inherits the will of fire inside. Choji’s biggest turning point is when his teacher, Asuma died, and when he had to fight the reanimation of Asuma in the Ninja war. 

Does Choji Die in Naruto?

As a ninja, you must go on different difficult missions. And life and death situations are just as common as it can be. The more dangerous mission someone goes into, the more he gets closer to death. For Choji he did get into these difficult missions. 

Shikamaru’s mission 

When Sasuke left the village to Orochimaru to gain more power, he was guided by 4 sound ninjas. The newly appointed Hokage Tsunade assigned Shikamaru a mission to bring Sasuke back to the village.

Shikamaru took Naruto, Choji, Kiba, Neji and went to bring Sasuke back. Later on their way, they confronted Jirobo. Jirobo trapped them with an Earth-style barrier: Earth doom Prison.

Jirobo was sucking their chakra through the barrier. But after some time with Shikamaru’s observation and Choji’s Expansion Jutsu, Human bolder Jutsu they freed themselves from the trap.

Choji insisted to everyone to let him stay and fight Jirobo. While others should catch Sasuke. He promised Shikamaru that he would catch up with them later.

Jirobo then suddenly tried to stop the others from going in the meantime Choji took a Green Spinach Pill and stopped Jirobo. The real fight between Jirobo and Choji begins.

Choji vs Jirobo

choji vs jirobo

During the fight, Jirobo was overpowering and insulting Choji. He insulted Choji saying he’s always made fun of. Jirobo told him that his friends and teammates abandoned him. His team leader Shikamaru is not a worthy leader, they are all losers. 

Choji was infuriated by Girobo’s trash-talking and took the green pill. After eating the green one his body was flowing with immense chakra. He attacked Jirobo with super expansion Jutsu.

But still, he couldn’t keep up with Jirobo as Jirobo entered the second stage. Jirobo sucked Choji’s chakra fully. Finding no other way Choji then ate the red pill, the formidable one. He became 100 times stronger by activating the Butterfly technique. Later he defeated Jirobo with just one punch.

But any pills that work so well always come with side effects. Choji suffered greatly from the pills’ side effects and became senseless as his body’s dead cells were increased. 

In episode 114 it looked like he died. But in episode 135 Tsunade treated him with the Nara clan’s secret medicine and saved Choji’s life.

Does Jirobo die ?

Yes, Jirobo died in the hands of Choji. Jirobo crossed his limit as he insulted Choji and ate his snacks’ last piece. Choji was insanely angered by Jirobo’s behavior and killed him with the strength of the Akimichi clan’s secret weapon the Red pill.

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Choji vs Asuma

Choji had to fight his sensei Asuma Sarutobi on the battlefield. As we all know Kabuto reanimated all the powerful shinobi around the 5 villages to fight the shinobi alliance.

That included Asuma too. And Choji along with his other 2 team members Shikamaru and Ino were happened to be there. Choji struggled at first to fight his former teacher.

However, with the help of his comrades, he pulled that through and sealed Asuma Sarutobi. 

Choji vs Tendo Pain

Along with his Father Choza Akimichi, Choji and 2 other leaf ninjas came to support Kakashi. As Kakashi was fighting the Tendo Pain, Choji was there to mainly support him. As the attack plan doesn’t go quite well, Kakashi failed to kill Tendo Pain with his Raikiri.

At the last moment, when Pain used Shinra Tensei, Choza had to cover for his son with his body, in order to save him. Otherwise, he might have died right there.


So, the answer is No, Choji did not die in Naruto. He fought against the Sound ninja and defeated one of them. Later he had fought against Tendo Pain. He fought against countless enemies in the 4th Great Ninja war. However, he did not die in the show.

We have seen him in Boruto safe and healthy. He has a happy family now. He’s become a responsible dad now. And thus, the question ‘does Choji die’ is answered with a detailed explanation.

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