When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode? Toad Sage, Kurama Sage & Six Path Sage Mode

Sage Jutsu or sage mode is always portrayed as superior to any other Ocular prowess in the Naruto series. It is basically, nature’s energy. So, basically, the chakra reserve and the power that comes with it and how to use them are practically limitless. Sage Jutsu is limited by only the shinobi who learns it, in other words how well he masters it. Naruto Masters Sage Jutsu too. But, wait a minute, when does Naruto Learn Sage mode? 

Naruto went to Mount Myoboku to learn Sage Jutsu in Naruto Shippuden 154. In the 155th episode, we see him using Sage Mode for the first time. Naruto continues training to completely master sage mode. And at the end of the 162nd episode of Shippuden, we see him coming back to the village with his squad to face the enemies after mastering sage Jutsu.

In this article, we will discuss what is the sage mode, when does Naruto learn sage mode, why does he learn it, where and exactly how he learns sage mode.

What is Sage Mode?

Well, Sage mode is basically nature’s energy. Its amps your chakra reserve by a huge margin. On top of that, you are buffed physically too.

Sage mode allows using any part of the body to use maximum force. As long as the user can maintain the sage mode, he basically has limitless chakra.

And that way, a perfect sage can spam a plethora of powerful Jutsu, and still doesn’t have to worry about his chakra reserve.  

When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode?

Naruto starts to learn sage mode after Jiraiya’s death. After learning that Jiraiya sensei had died in the battle, Naruto went into a shock stage. After he recovers from that emotional trauma primarily, Tsunade orders him to go to Mount Myoboku and learn Sage Art under Lord Fukasaku.  

In Mount Myoboku, he not only had to face the intense training period to master nature energy. And on top of that to do that in such a short amount of time was very difficult.

But another thing was the food. Fukasaku offered Naruto the worms, and insects as food. While those are quite healthy and delicious for the frogs, Naruto couldn’t eat them at all.

Naruto’s sage Jutsu training begins in the 154the episode. And that continues till he came back to the village to face Pain- Akatsuki’s leader.

He comes back to the hidden leaf village at the end of the 162the episode. So basically, he learns sage Jutsu in this time period, between 154-162.

Why Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode?

Naruto sage mode

Jiraiya had high hopes for his favorite student, and at the end of his journey, he was sure of it that Naruto is the Child of Prophecy. And Pain, the Akatsuki leader was coming for Naruto sooner or later. So, Naruto had to step up and get a lot stronger fast. 

Learning Sage Jutsu was just the right choice for him. As his predecessors had also done that, both Minato and Jiraiya learned sage Jutsu, for Naruto it was destiny. 

Besides, Sage users are ridiculously strong. It takes even an average shinobi to another league.

How Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode?

When Naruto learns that Jiraiya is dead, he was in utter shock. Jiraiya’s master Fukasku then told Naruto why he had died and what mission he was on. He also told Naruto that Jiraiay discovered the secrets of Akatsuki.

After Jiraiya’s death, to make Naruto stronger Fukasaku brought him to Mount Myoboku. Naruto trains there to learn Senjutsu. 

Those who successfully learn Senjutsu can enter a state called Sage Mode. Sage Mode is an empowered mode that can be entered by combining natural energy with one’s own chakra, creating Senjutsu chakra.

To learn Sage Jutsu, one has to go through intense training and must maintain persistence. It is also important that both his mind and body are strong enough to support the increased power. 

Learning Sage Jutsu is hard, extremely hard in fact. So, to do that in a short time, Lord Fukasaku ordered to use the toad oil. By applying the special toad oil, Naruto’s body passively started taking in natural energy. It’s something special that makes sage mode training easier and faster.

Where Did Naruto Learn Sage Mode?

Senjutsu, also known as Sage Jutsu usually taught in two places, Mount Myoboku by the toads and Ryuchi cave by the snakes. At least, those are the only 2 places shown in Naruto. 

For Naruto, he learned Sage mode in Mount Myoboku, just like his father and master.

Kurama Sage Mode

After befriending Kurama, we also get to see Naruto using both sage mode and Kurama mode together in Shippuden 380 episode.

The first time we saw Naruto using Kurama sage mode was when he went to talk to Nagato after defeating the Tendo pain.

Later, when Naruto was fighting Sasuke at the Final Valley, for the last time, he used Kurama to absorb nature’s energy. As Sasuke was using Indra’s Arrow his most powerful Jutsu against Naruto to finish him once and for all.

However, Naruto used Kurama Shadow Clone to absorb nature’s energy, in other words, sage chakra. This was fox sage mode, not tode sage mode that we used to see.

Six paths Sage mode

After coming back from near death, and a secret meeting with the Sage of six paths, Naruto awakens sage of six paths mode. Well, he doesn’t just awaken the six paths sage mode by himself.

Hagoromo himself gave both Naruto and Sasuke his chakra and Sealing Jutsu to seal Madara or Kaguya. And as a result, Sasuke awakens tomoe Rinnegan & for Naruto, it’s six paths sage mode.

Naruto starts using six paths sage mode in the 424th episode of Naruto Shippuden.

To know more about Naruto’s sage mode, check this video:


To face Pain, Naruto needed more strength. So, Fukasaku brought him to Mount Myoboku to make him stronger by teaching Senjutsu. Naruto’s training started at episode number 154. In episode 158 his sage mode training was finished and he was ready to come back to the Leaf. 

In the battle of Naruto vs Pain, we first get Naruto’s sage mode in action. Jiraiya’s death made him desperate to get stronger for revenge. He was the fastest one to complete the sage mode training. Later Naruto also used Fox Sage. He used Kurama to gather sage energy.

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