How Did Danzo Get Sharingan On His Arm?

After the Uchiha massacre, Danzo took many of their Sharingans. And later he transplanted them in his arm. Implanting Sharingan is nothing new as we saw Kakashi with his friend’s eye implanted. However, Danzo had Sharingan in his arm as well. As he had a connection with Orochimaru, it is quite possible for him to do the transplantation for Danzo.

Danzo Shimura is perhaps the most hated character in the Naruto series. He is hated for his actions without a doubt. He is the reason behind Yahiko’s death. Which later triggered Nagato to turn evil and who later started hunting down the Tailed beasts.

He even tried to assassinate the 3rd Hokage once. And the national enemy Orochimaru was under his shelter. He had no shortage of bad doing under his name. Not to mention the Foundation which was a shadow organization similar to the Anbu Black Ops was also under his command. It was notoriously famous for cruelty and dirty jobs. He had numerous sharingan eyes in his arm. But how did danzo get sharingan? We will discuss that.

How Did Danzo Get Sharingan?

As we all know, Sharingan is a Kekkei Genkai which is found only in Uchiha bloodline. Then the question is how did Danzo get them. Well, he at first ordered Itachi to massacre his entire clan. And after Itachi did that with Obito’s help, he collected all the Sharingan eyes he wanted.

It’s not like he ordered to kill them for their eyes. Rather he used that opportunity as he always does. Then again, maybe he had that intent. He’s Danzo after all, anything is possible for him.

He has the first Hokage Hashirama cell in his arm. That is how he could maintain and use those Sharingan eyes.

How Many Sharingan Does Danzo Have?

how many sharingan does danzo have

Danzo had 10 sharingan eyes in his right arm. And on his right eye, he transplanted Shisui’s sharingan. So in total, he had 11 sharingan eyes. 

The Uchiha clan members have a pair of Sharingan eyes. Kakashi had one sharingan given by his friend. And at the very end of the series, he got 2 sharingan eyes for a short period of time.

Did Danzo Have A Sharingan Before Shisui?

Danzo had Sharingan even before he fought Shisui. In the fight against Shisui, he used Izanagi and broke out of the Genjutsu. And it is clearly visible in the anime that his right eye becomes white just like it’s supposed to be after using Izanagi.

It was before the Uchiha massacre. So, he got it either from his teammate Kagami Uchiha or from any other Uchiha with the help of Orochimaru. As we all know, Orochimaru used to kidnap villagers and ran test on them. So, it’s not impossible.   

Why Didn’t Danzo Use Kotoamatsukami? 

Sharingan drains a lot of chakra. And those who aren’t from Uchiha cannot turn that off, it keeps draining chakra constantly. That is why Kakashi ran out of chakra quickly after he got the sharingan. Well, Danzo used Hashirama’s cell to cover that up. However, having or using 10/11 Sharingan is no joke. Even with that chakra boost, he couldn’t manage to use them efficiently. 

And Kotoamatsukami is a high-level Genjutsu that requires a lot of chakra and precision. With his chakra draining constantly and little mastery over Sharingan, Danzo couldn’t use Kotoamatskumi on Sasuke. If he could, he would have used that on Hiruzen to announce him the Hokage. 

Is Danzo An Uchiha?

No, Danzo is not an Uchiha. He belongs to the Shimura clan. There is no information about his Shimura clan in anime, manga, or databook. The only thing we get is his full name, which is Danzo Shimura. 

What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo?

After the five Kage summit, Danzo was coming back to the village. Tobi intercepted him and took his bodyguard out in order to let Sasuke fight Danzo freely. Then Sasuke comes and starts fighting Danzo.

The fight between Danzo and Sasuke begins in 209th episode and it ends in 211th episode. So the fight lasts for 3 episodes.

To know more about danzo and his sharingan you can check this video:


Danzo got his sharingan from the dead Uchiha clan members after the Uchiha massacre. Also, he snatched one of Shisui Uchiha’s sharingan eyes. He implanted that in his eye. And even before doing that, he already had a sharingan. It could be from Kagami Uchiha or any other dead Uchiha from the village.