Does Hinata Die? – A New Twist Explained

The series of Naruto was always as unpredictable as the weather itself, and the same goes for its successor Boruto. Though Hinata was one of the weak ninjas in the academy, she still was talented on her terms and had a fair share of her history.

So, the question is, does Hinata die? The answer is yes. Hinata died in the Boruto series during the destruction of Konoha while saving Boruto.

However, there’s more than meets the eye in Hinata’s death case. Let us explore all the events.

Does Hinata Die?

Being an introverted person, Hinata has always been supporting Naruto in all aspects. Seeing how she was the only one who truly loved, admired, and defended Naruto made her one of the most loved characters in the series.

Even in the Boruto series, Hinata was a dedicated housewife and a loving mother to her two children, Boruto and Himawari. The main confusion arises during the death of Hinata. Who killed Hinata and why?

To answer the question, Hinata dies twice in the series. Once in Naruto and secondly in Boruto. Her dark outcome in Naruto was changed because of Sakura’s medical jutsu while it was confirmed in Boruto, although one can’t confirm anything until the new season.

It’s time to completely understand how Hinata died and if there is any possibility of Hinata coming back to Boruto or not.

How Did Hinata Die?

Now, how did Hinata die? As stated above, Hinata “died” twice. First in Naruto during pain arc, when she was stabbed by pain while trying to save Naruto.

The injury was so serious that it was visible that she was on the brink of death. Thanks to Sakura’s medical interference and pain’s revival jutsu, she was able to recover.

During the Boruto series, Hinata “supposedly” died during the destruction of Konoha. During the destruction scenarios in Konoha, Naruto and Boruto would be the first in line to protect the dwellers of Konoha against evil. And as usual, Hinata will not sit idle and would jump into the battle just like she did in the pain arc.

In the episodes, Hinata will do her best to protect her husband and son but will again end up Hinata getting massive injuries, if not dead. To save Boruto, both Naruto and Hinata will interfere and get attacked by the injuries intended for Boruto.

The last official scene confirmed in Boruto was that Naruto and Hinata vanished after the destruction, and Boruto was shown to be alive with a cut on his right eye and the Byakugan.

Did Hinata Die in The Pain Arc?

The most common question asked by the viewers in Naruto was, did Hinata die in the Pain Arc? Hinata was killed by pain in the Pain Arc of the Naruto series.

Hinata was injured during the Pain Arc in episode 168 but was recovered with the interference of Sakura’s medical jutsu.

Hinata always loved Naruto and promised him to stay by his side and protect him forever. This is why Hinata was attacked by pain while protecting Naruto.

Moreover, it cannot be said that pain killed Hinata. She was only injured with Pain’s Universal Push, which ended Hinata getting unconscious. Sakura then took Hinata back and performed medical jutsu to save Hinata.

This event angered Naruto, and he eventually defeated pain taking his nine-tailed Kurama form.
After being defeated by Naruto, Pain resurrected all the people he killed.

Sakura’s help in curing Hinata played a huge role during the pain arc. Otherwise, Hinata would have died in the Naruto series.

Does Hinata Die in Boruto?

Although in the Boruto series, Hinata and Naruto seemingly disappeared during the battle of Konoha, it is not okay to conclude the obvious.

During the destruction of Konoha, Hinata disappears while saving both Naruto and Boruto. It doesn’t answer the question of does Hinata dies in Boruto?

Boruto series is now in its early stages with more seasons to come, hence, it is not wise for the viewers to conclude anything unnecessary.

Hinata’s disappearance will have a deep impact on Boruto’s emotions but let us just look into the so-called “theories” of the Boruto viewers.

In the Boruto series, the death of Hinata and Naruto was not officially concluded but it also showcased their disappearances. As the series is still in development, many lead characters will die or change, or even the unexpected might happen.

But, one thing for sure is that whatever happens to Hinata and Naruto will have a deep impact on their character development of Boruto.


Does Hinata Die In Haikyuu Arc?
That was just another comic “conspiracy theory” by the viewers of Naruto. Nobody from the Ninja academy dies in the Haikyuu Arc.

Will Hinata Really Die in Boruto?
Although the production team is affirming many possibilities regarding the tragic outcome of both Naruto and Hinata, it is safe to assume that there would be story arcs where it shows they would be safe somehow.


Above all, the whole answer to the question, “does Hinata die?” concludes that Hinata’s death is not yet confirmed. But one thing is for sure: her outcome will affect the life of the characters in Boruto series. Still, let’s hope for better aftermath for Hinata.