Does Sasuke Die in Naruto or Boruto? – Spoilers Explained

Being one of the main characters of Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and now Boruto, Sasuke Uchiha has gone through many life and death situations. He has been exploded, stabbed and even suffered the ultimate genjutsu. Through all this, he persisted. Still, recent developments within the story make one ask, does Sasuke die?

For the Sasuke fans out there, it is a great relief for them because Sasuke does not die. This man survived the excruciating pain due to Orochimaru’s curse mark when he was a kid. He even survived the continent devastating explosion of Deidara. No matter how devastating the attack was, he lived through all of them.

As he is a core character, you might be sure that he has not died. But the way Kishimoto Sensei is taking the story, one has to doubt about Sasuke’s death. Let’s clear up your doubts

Does Sasuke Die in Naruto?

The original series of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden has a staggering 700+ episodes. Now granted all of these episodes might not have had Sasuke in them, but he has enough screen time that Sakura would be jealous. And within this limited screen time he had some of the best action sequences.

Take his fight with Itachi for instance. It was so intense that the fan base is still analyzing the beauty of it. But not all these fights were as smooth as one might think.

Sasuka was beaten to death in almost all of them. So, did Sasuke die in Naruto? Thankfully no, Sasuke survives the entirety of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden despite being a backstabbing scumbag.

During the early days of the series when Konoha was having its Chunin exam, Sasuke had the very first life and death situation. He obtained the cursed mark from Orochimaru. And that mark bought him enough pain to incapacitate him. Still he survived through the pain and became stronger.

If one omits the filler episodes, another one of Sasuke’s life-threatening fights was against Deidara. That fight was intense enough to bamboozle the manga readers and anime watchers alike. In fact, Kishimoto sensei made the suspense a bit more believable by calling the chapter Sasuke’s Death…!!

So, does Sasuke die in Naruto? The answer is a big no. He uses his amazing summoning skills to summon Manda and hides within his mouth. Yeah, this might have killed Orochimaru’s favorite summon but Sasuke was still intact.

And the only other time he “died” was in the hands of Madara in chapters 660 to 662. He was actually dead in this case because Madara stabbed at the heart of Sasuke.

And this did kill him but the power of the Sage of Six paths aka plot armor saved both him and Naruto. After this, he became near invincible.

Does Sasuke Die in Boruto then?

Seeing how Sasuke survived from the nick of death in so many fights, one might think he is invincible. But that is not true at all. He lost his entire left arm in his fight with Naruto at the end of Naruto Shippuden.

Yes, he could have regenerated it with the help of the infamous Hashirama cells, but he chose not to. To him, it acts as a reminder of his one and only defeat.

But this series of fights and defeats was up till the stories of Shippuden. Starting from Boruto, the scenario is a lot different.

Though the series Boruto is about Boruto, it does focus on Sasuke. Why won’t it, he is one of the senseis’ of Boruto after all. And this trust of Boruto is what caused Sasuke’s death. Boruto trusted his sensei more than his father and thus Sasuke died…… almost.

It all happened during the fight with Isshiki. Using his newfound powers, Boruto transported the group fighting Isshiki to the edge of Konoha.

He thought Sasuke would be able to show off his true worth if there were no bystanders to worry about. But he was too wrong.

Sasuke did fight against Isshiki with all his might but was beaten to a pulp. Episode 53 ended with Sasuke on his deathbed grasping for breath. So, does Sasuke die in Boruto?

Apparently not. He might have lost his Rinnegan but he didn’t lose his life. This all was possible thanks to Naruto going into the Baryon mode.

When Naruto found Sasuke almost dead, he lost his cool and took charge himself. Doing so caused him to let go of Kurama but he was able to save the fleeting life of Sasuke.

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A Few Frequent Concerns

Even though we all know that Sasuke is alive and thriving in the series, we still doubt his death. This is all because the story of Naruto is based on reincarnations. Such a story causes many concerns. Let’s address some of the most frequent ones.

Did Madara kill Sasuke?

During the end of Naruto Shippuden, Madara stabbed Sasuke in the heart causing him to die. But before his soul could leave the body, the power of the Sage of Sixpaths manifested within Sasuke. And this helped him to overcome the ordeal.

Is Itachi able to kill Sasuke?

Sasuke’s death would have been a reality if Itachi wanted it. In the fight between the brothers, Itachi gave up instead of trying to hurt Sasuke. If he wanted, Sasuke would have been long dead.

How did Sasuke survive against Deidara?

While fighting Deidara, Sasuke was targeted with his ultimate explosion art. Sasuke would have died if not for his quick thinking. He summoned Manda and hid inside his mouth. Later Suigetsu summoned Manda to clear his suspicions and thus Sasuke returned without a scratch.

Did Sasuke die against Haku?

In his fight with Haku, Sasuke was defeated pretty badly. He was unable to move because of Haku’s kekkei genkai. But before Haku could deliver the final blow, he was killed by Kakashi resulting in Sasuke’s survival.

How often did Naruto save Sasuke from death?

Many think Sasuke to be a damsel in distress. But that is not true. Out of the countable few life and death situations, only in two cases Naruto was the cause for Sasuke’s survival. The first was during his fight with Haku and the other was during the duo’s recent fight with Isshiki.

Dead or Alive!?

Even though Sasuke Uchiha had brief meetings with the God of Death, he never walked into the light. He is the last Uchiha and this was enough for him to fight and survive. But he is not immortal.

If Naruto taught us one thing, it is that death of someone close will give the hero a tremendous powerup. And the way Boruto’s story is progressing, one can speculate that Boruto might lose Sasuke for the sake of power. Only time can say if Sasuke will live or die.

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