How Did Minato Die? Everything You Need To Know!

how did minato die

Minato namikaze is the 4th Hokage. The one who saved the village from the 9 tail fox. The hero who ended the 3rd Great Ninja war singlehandedly. The yellow flash of the leaf. The enemies had ‘flee on sight’ order. According to Jiraiya, he was an unparalleled genius unlike any …

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What Does Canon Mean In Anime? – The Anime Facts

What does canon mean in anime

If you are accustomed to pop-cultural fiction, movies, comics, etc chances are, you have heard the word canon somewhere. And if you are an anime fan and have watched quite a few good series already, you know the word for sure. But what does it mean? And what does canon …

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Who Are Minato’s Parents? – Know The Truth Now!

minato namikaze parents

Minato is the 4th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village. He became Hokage at a very early age. Aside from his prowess and strength, the villagers loved and adored him. Even the fans love him. He is one of the most fan-favorite characters in the Naruto series. But who are …

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How Did Obito Survive Being Crushed? A Detailed Answer

Obito is one of the most influential characters in the entire Naruto universe. He started the Fourth Great Ninja War, controlled the Akatsuki, killed all the Uchiha along with Itachi, was the mastermind behind the 9 tails attack in Konoha. But everyone thought h died in the Battle of Kannabi …

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How Many People Watch Anime? Detailed Answer Is Here

how many people watch anime

Anime watchers are mostly young and young adults. Most of them are under 30 years old. But how many people watch anime exactly? Calculating all the visitors of Crunchyroll and other pirated sites and monthly estimated Google search volume, around 100 Million people watch anime. And it is increasing exponentially …

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When To Watch Naruto Movies? All Naruto Movies in Order

naruto movies in order

Naruto is one of the most popular anime series in the world. The show has 720 episodes in total and 11 movies in total, including Boruto: Naruto the movie. Without definite guidance, it’s impossible to watch these Naruto movies in order. That’s why we are going to tell you about …

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How Long Was Minato Hokage? – Answer With Explanation

how long was minato hokage

Minato became the 4th Hokage right after the 3rd Great Ninja War. He was the Hokage for the village for 12-24 months. After that, the day the 9 tails attacked the village, he sacrificed himself to protect the Hidden Leaf. Minato Namikaze is one of the strongest and well-loved characters …

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How Did Madara Get Rinnegan? – The Anime Facts

how did madara get rinnegan

To awake the Rinnegan, you have to combine both Indra and Asura’s chakra. So in order to do that, Madara bit off a piece of Hashirama’s flesh before he was defeated and killed by him. After coming back to life using Izanagi, he surgically implanted that flesh piece in his …

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How Did Danzo Get Sharingan? – The Anime Facts

how did danzo get sharingan

After the Uchiha massacre, Danzo took many of their Sharingans. And later he transplanted them in his arm. Implanting Sharingan is nothing new as we saw Kakashi with his friend’s eye implanted. However, Danzo had Sharingan in his arm as well. As he had a connection with Orochimaru, it is …

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