Is Orochimaru Human? – Some Real Facts About Orochimaru

Orochimaru is one of the most feared characters in Naruto series. Why? Because Orochimaru was fixated to gain power. And in the process, he stooped himself so low to the point where you cannot get any lower than that. He performed so many forbidden Jutsu that defile other human bodies and souls. That is why we the fan often ask this question, is Orochimaru human?

Orochimaru is a human. He was an orphan, later he came under Hiruzen’s team and started learning Jutsus with Jiraiya and Tsunade. He was an extremely talented shinobi who mastered every Jutsu Hiruzen taught him at a young age. After the 3rd Great Ninja War, he realized how fragile human life is. That is why he started his quest to become immortal.

In this article we will discuss in detail if he still is human, is he good in boruto, if he is a sage and some other interesting question about him as well.

Is Orochimaru Human?

We do not know who Orochimaru’s parents are. However, it is stated in the series that he is an orphan, who later Hiruzen bring in his squad. So, yes Orochimaru is a human. His parents most probably died in the previous wars. 

He was exceptionally skillful in Ninjutsu. However, he always lacked human emotions compared to other normal human beings like Jiraiya. And he also didn’t have the will of fire in him. His teacher, Hirzuen did notice that.

That is why after the 3rd Great Ninja War, when he stepped down as the Hokage, he opposed to Danzo’s proposal to make Orochimaru the next Hokage, instead he assigned Minato as the next Hokage. Despite the fact that Orochimaru was his own student and he loved him very much. As his student he loved him very much.

But he knew, Orochimaru has darkness in his heart and lacked the will of fire. So, he voted against the idea. Soon after the war, Orochimaru goes into a different path of life.

Is Orochimaru Good in Boruto?

Yes, Orochimaru is a good guy in the Boruto series. He has his own research facility where he makes his own research. Naruto allowed him to do that as Orochimaru has no more ill intention and also agreed to help whenever the village need any assistance.

Orochimaru had changed a lot since the 4th Great Ninja War. It all began frrom Itachi’s Izanami jutsu on Kabuto. When Kabuto was stuck in the physical world, Orochimaru took some of his chakra as well as intel. 

Well, after that he decided to follow Sasuke. Sasuke’s journey is one of the reasons what changed Orochimaru as well. Because unlike Kabuto or any other disciple of Orochimaru, Sasuke chose and made his own path. 

Is Orochimaru a Guy?

Orochimaru is fundamentally a guy. Although, he had shifted himself into female body before, but that doesn’t change the fact he is born as a guy. And at present, he has a male body. Therefore, anyway you look at it, Orochimaru is a guy. 

Is Orochimaru a Sage?

No, Orochimaru is not a sage. Though he was not a sage himself, Orochimaru could use nature’s energy through other means.

There are only a handful of people mastered the sage mode. But unfortunately, Orochimaru is not among them. However, his disciple Kabuto become the snake sage


Orochimaru is one of the strongest ninja in the Naruto universe. One of the reasons is that he is practically unkillable. He always has multiple ways to evade death. And age does not affect his body either. 

However, Orochimaru is still a human. Kishimoto didn’t disclose his last name or anything about his origin.

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