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Sasuke Uchiha has been one of the most popular characters in both Naruto and Boruto. But his rinnegan became more popular due to its powerful technique. Hence the story began with how did Sasuke get the rinnegan.

It was entrusted to him by the very first originator of the ninja world, Hagomoro Osutsuki entrusted him with his six-path technique to seal away Kaguya. And that’s how Sasuke got his Rinnegan.

It is not fair to pour out all the story in one place. Let’s look through Sasuke’s rinnegan abilities and how he lost them as well.

How Did Sasuke Get the Rinnegan?

A talented ninja since childhood, Sasuke’s eye got evolved into many unique powers. From Sharingan to Rinnegan, it has many stories.

While his Sharingan gave him a lot of cool visual abilities, the Rinnegan unlocked powers that turned him into a powerful ninja and could have taken him to newer heights, if it was with him forever. Sasuke’s rinnegan abilities were the most unique and powerful techniques among all other ninjas.

Sasuke got his Rinnegan from Hagomoro Otsutsuki, the originator of the concept of the ninja technique in the Naruto universe. Also, he was the one who gave Sasuke his Rinnegan.

Once, Sasuke was about to die or, more precisely, was in a near-death situation. That’s when The Sage of Six Paths communicated through him in his subconscious.

After asking Sasuke about his goals and seeing his determination, he also saw the future where Sasuke and Naruto will change the fate of the world or can save the world from Kaguya. Seeing the fate of two powerful ninjas, the Sage decides to entrust Sasuke with the Rinnegan.

Hagomoro then granted him the Yin half of his Six Paths Chakra (Rinnegan) and the other half as well to finish off Kaguya once and for all. That’s when the Rinnegan activated, unlocking more powers for Sasuke.

Why Does Sasuke Have Only One Rinnegan?

There were many speculations regarding this question as to why Sasuke got one Rinnegan and Madara (Uchiha clan leader) got both.

As mentioned above, both Naruto and Sasuke’s powers are needed to seal off Kaguya completely. This means it needs two people with two powers to seal her off. Sasuke got the Yin side of the chakra while Naruto has the other half power to seal off Kaguya.

Hence, to balance things off, Hagomoro decided to entrust Sasuke with only one Rinnegan.

Sasuke’s Rinnegan Abilities: What are They?

sasuke rinnegan abilities

Sasuke Rinnegan abilities are one of the most powerful techniques in both the Naruto and Boruto universes. Rinnegan has unique visual abilities.

It can also see through the chakra flow within the human body alongside other barriers not visible to the naked eye. Let’s go through Rinnegan’s unique powers.

Pattern Recognition

The rinnegan can identify invisible patterns and can also decipher difficult codes easily. Sasuke can find vast amounts of information from within a small text using the Rinnegan.


Being blessed with the powers of The Six Sage paths himself, this power can be wielded by Sasuke alone. It’s a space and time technique that can swap the places of two specified targets within a given range. In the whole of Naruto Universe, it was a powerful technique performed by Sasuke himself.

Besides, he can also swap places with his enemies or can swap objects elsewhere, particularly with the power of his left eye.

Space-Time Ninjutsu

With this ability, Sasuke teleports his target into a dimensional void. Sasuke can summon creatures and a whole lot of 10-sealed beasts as well. Later on, he could travel through dimensions as well.

Shinra Tensei

With this technique, Sasuke can manipulate or control the 5 basic nature transformations. Using the repulsive technique, Sasuke can push the enemy out of his vicinity.


A power mastered by Itachi Uchiha; it’s also one of the ultimate techniques used by Sasuke. The users of this technique can summon black flames, and the flames can burn for more than a week. This is both a defensive and offensive technique used by Sasuke.

The Six Paths Technique

The original powers of the Rinnegan. They include:

  • Deva Path: Manipulate, attract or repulse forces.
  • Asura Path: Summon powerful weapons and can enhance the user’s body.
  • Human Path: Has the power of telepathy and can also snatch the enemy’s soul out of the body.
  • Animal Path: Can summon various beasts and animals
  • Preta Path: A defensive technique that allows the user to absorb the enemy’s chakra.
  • Naraka Path: It also has two parts. King of Hell technique can summon flames (Pyrokinesis) and heal damages. The outer Part technique gives the user to revive life or reanimate a corpse (Necromancy).

How Did Sasuke Lose His Rinnegan?

It’s like the saddest event in all of the Naruto universe. To think that one of the strongest characters in the Naruto series would lose the source of all his powers like this.

But how did Sasuke lose his Rinnegan?

Boruto was hypnotized or, say, controlled by Momoshiki.

In that hypnotized state, Boruto stabbed Sasuke’s Rinnegan eye with a Kunai Knife. Not only did Sasuke get blind, but he also lost all his powers.

Although not in his right mind, still Boruto felt guilty and responsible. Sasuke yet assured him that the events were not in Boruto’s control. And that, he is glad that everyone is safe and alive.
And that is how Sasuke lost his Rinnegan abilities.


The answer to how did Sasuke get the rinnegan is clear, and we were able to witness Sasuke’s rinnegan abilities as well.

His abilities sealed many evils away for good, but how Sasuke lost his rinnegan was quite surprising. Yet, it didn’t reduce his popularity in everyone’s minds a bit.

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