Is Naruto Stronger Than Sasuke? Naruto Vs. Sasuke Battle

Both Naruto and Sasuke are the 2 main characters of the Naruto franchise. Though both of them were friends and teammates they always considered themselves as each other’s rival as well. It inspired both of them to train harder and get stronger and stronger. And at times they both wondered which of them is stronger. Is Naruto stronger than Sasuke? Or Is Sasuke Stronger than Naruto?

Naruto is stronger than Sasuke. All the different opponents Naruto has fought, if we compare them with the opponents Sasuke has fought and their results as well, we can confidently say that Naruto is definitely stronger than Sasuke. We have already seen them engaged in serious fights throughout the series.

But how is Naruto stronger than Sasuke? And by what margin? What are their feats, and what prowess do they have in their arsenal? In this article, we will be talking about that.

Is Naruto Stronger than Sasuke?

We will be discussing that in 2 different ways.

  1. Prowess comparison
  2. Naruto vs Sasuke: 1vs1 battles

Prowess comparison between Naruto & Sasuke

We will compare their prowess at their prime. Meaning the comparison will be between the strongest version of Naruto and the strongest version of Sasuke. 


Naruto has a vast amount of chakra reserve. Apart from his own chakra, he has Kurama and other tailed beasts as well. Naruto’s specialty is his strong physical endurance and enormous chakra reserve.

Naruto’s Chakra Release

  • Wind Release 
  • Water Release
  • Earth Release
  • Fire Release
  • Lightning Release
  • Boil Release
  • Magnet Release
  • Lava Release
  • Yang Release
  • Yin Release
  • Yin–Yang Release

Naruto’s Chakra Mode

  • Sage mode
  • Kurama Sage Mode
  • Kurama Chakra Mode
  • Six Path Sage Mode
  • Baryon Mode

Naruto’s Jutsu Arsenal

  • Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
  • Rasengan & its variants
  • Rasen Shuriken & its variants
  • Tailed Beat Balls
  • Truth-Seeking Balls
  • Summoning Jutsu


As one of Indra’s reincarnations, Sasuke mainly depends on his visual prowess. His eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, 6 tomoe Rinnegan, and visual Jutsus that come with them. 

Sasuke’s Chakra Release

  • Lightning Release 
  • Earth Release
  • Fire Release
  • Water Release
  • Wind Release
  • Yin Release

Sasuke’s Chakra Mode

  • Susano variants

Sasuke’s Jutsu Arsenal

  • Amaterasu
  • Chidori variants
  • Kirin
  • Chibaku Tensei
  • Indra’s Arrow
  • All six paths of rinnegan
  • Amenotejikara 

Naruto vs Sasuke Battles

naruto vs sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke fought seriously 3 times actually. Well, we are not counting the times they fought in the academy. And also about those times when they actually just talked, like right after Sasuke’s fight against Danzo. That time, Sasuke fought Kakashi alright.

But Sasuke and Naruto didn’t really have a fight that time. The same goes for the time when they met at the very beginning of Shippuden in one of Orochimaru’s hideouts. 

i) Battle at the hospital roof

In episodes 107-108 we saw Naruto and Sasuke for the first time fighting seriously. Sasuke was admitted into the hospital after being injured from the Itachi’s Tsukuyomi earlier.

From being rescued by Naruto from Gara, encountering Itachi but he couldn’t do anything to Itachi rather than getting beaten up, Itachi’s paying more attention to Naruto.

Suddenly he started thinking that he is weaker than Naruto and felt insulted as his pride was getting shattered time after time. It started to hit his nerve as hatred started to cloud his thought process.

So, he challenged Naruto to a battle to see who is actually stronger. Naruto accepted. They went to the hospital roof to fight. When the battle started, they fought seriously with each other. Naruto used his shadow clone Jutsu, Sasuke used his fire style.

As they were fighting, they decided to attack each other with their special moves. Naruto jumped on Sasuke with his Rasengan as Sasuke with his Chidori. But suddenly Kakashi appeared, he caught them and threw both of them toward the water tanks. 

Hence their attacks separately hit 2 different water tanks and damaged them.

The front of Sasuke’s tank was badly damaged and more water was leaking out. On the other hand, the water tank Naruto’s Rasengan hit was barely damaged in the front and only little was leaking out.

After this Sasuke, came down from the roof thinking he was the victor and stronger. But when looked at the back sides of the tanks he was in total shock. He saw that the back of the one that Naruto hit was totally blown off while Sasuke’s tank’s backside was still alright.

In total Naruto’s attack damaged the tank more than Sasuke’s attack. So, if their attack were to clash, Sasuke at that point was going to get crushed. And Sasuke himself understood that and that infuriated him even more.

ii) The first battle at the Valley of the End

Tsunade sent a team to take back Sasuke after Sasuke left the village. He left with the team of sound ninja that Orochimaru sent in order to gain more power. The team that Tsunade sent was led by Shikamaru.

At the end of the chase, Naruto finally caught up to Sasuke. And told him to get back with him. Eventually, they fought with each other at the Final Valley.

In this fight, Naruto eventually lost to Sasuke. Thanks to his curse mark that Sasuke got from Orochimaru and the intense hatred towards his brother and jealousy towards Naruto, we outmatched Naruto. What do we mean by that?

Well, the Uchiha clan is said to be driven by strong emotions. The more intense emotion they feel the stronger their visual prowess gets. And that was one of the reasons Sasuke could beat Naruto in that fight. However, the match was very close.

iii) The final battle at the valley of the End

After the end of the 4th Shinobi world war, Naruto and Sasuke clashed for the last time at the Valley of the End. Sasuke fought with his full power along with Rinnegan and the tailed beasts he captured.

But Naruto only had half of Kurama within him. He also lasted longer in the war, shared chakra with everyone, and healed the injured one.

They fought for more than 24 hours straight without rest. At the end of battle, both of them lost their arm. And Sasuke admitted his defeat. Despite holding back while fighting, Naruto was able to keep up with Sasuke. 

Naruto didn’t finish Sasuke off when he got the chance. He was always holding back till the last moment. Sasuke himself realized that and asked Naruto why he is holding back, Naruto replied because he don’t want to kill him.

Not to mention, Sasuke himself admitted defeat at the end.

In the 3 serious battles, Naruto won 2 fights & Sasuke won 1.

Baryon Mode

Naruto’s last special mode. In this state, his and Kurama’s chakra match together with each other and produce a new type of energy. Like Fusion reaction.

Even Isshiki wasn’t able to last against this mode. Baryon mode drains opponents’ chakra and reduces the lifespan. With that Naruto even outclassed Ishishiki Otsutsuki by a great margin.


This might be sad news for Sasuke fans but Naruto is stronger than him. But it doesn’t make Sasuke weak. Remember Naruto and Sasuke together sealed the Kaguya Otsutsuki. They played major roles in the war; both were students of the Sannins. But it’s true that Sasuke went the wrong path to gain power out of frustration.

But they were best friends, rivals, they were each other’s inspiration. Naruto became stronger because he always wanted to catch up with Sasuke. At the beginning of the series Sasuke was quite popular in the academy he was the best student while Naruto was weak, nobody acknowledged him.

Throughout the years, Naruto wanted to be acknowledged by Sasuke, the same goes for Sasuke. So, it doesn’t actually matter to them now who is stronger.

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