Why Is Sakura So Useless & Annoying? Honest Discussion

Sakura Haruno is one of the main characters of the Naruto series. As one of the main characters of it, you will hope her to have some major impact on the show. But in Naruto (2002) series, she had no real contribution to the plot whatsoever. And the screentime she got was plenty to be impactful or useful in some way.

However, in her case, she did almost nothing aside from whining, hitting, and insulting Naruto as an Orphan and being annoying (according to Sasuke).

If you are a Naruto fan, you will either love Sakura or absolutely hate her. There is no middle ground here. If you hate Sakura, let me ask this question, have you ever wondered, why is Sakura so Useless? Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you like Sakura, which you certainly can then I guess, you will have a new perspective here.

Why Is Sakura So Useless?

Sasuke & Naruto both have had the most impact on the show. And as a part of their team, you would only hope, Sakura to have somewhat similar or at least close to that kind of impact when you are giving her limelight.

Well, that is what any regular anime watcher would think. Guess what, the author Masashi Kishimoto thought otherwise. 

In the original Naruto (2002) series, Sakura was completely useless. Not only useless but also annoying. All she cared about is Sasuke. She didn’t want anything else; she didn’t do anything else in particular other than wanting Sasuke to notice her.

And that is why she didn’t have any driving force in herself to do or achieve anything as a ninja. So, she didn’t try to do anything. And she couldn’t achieve any special power in Naruto (2002) series.

However, in Shippuden, she changed a lot. From being a completely useless character, she became the 2nd best medical ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village.

Why Is Sakura So Annoying?

Here let me give you a few good reasons.

From the very beginning of the show, she was acting like a two-faced bitch. She was saying one thing in her mind and saying something completely opposite outside. For example, when Kakashi entered the classroom and fell into Naruto’s trap, she acted like she asked Naruto to not do it, however, inside she was quite amused about what happened.

Sakura always hit Naruto for no good reason. Whenever something happened, he throws a punch on Naruto’s head. Well, Tsunade used to do that with Jiraiya when they were young, right?

However, if you think about it, Tsunade never hit Jiraiya whenever she wanted, it is only when Jiraiya said something perverted, did she hit her. And Sakura? Huh!

Did you forget about the Orphan scene? Where she made fun of Naruto being an orphan. She did not even realize that Sasuke was an orphan himself. That was probably the best reason and example, why people hate her.

Sakura had no aim or dream in life. Compared to other main characters Sakura was pretty dull as a character. All she did was whine, and all she wanted was Sasuke. She cared about nothing else.

She broke her friendship with Ino because of the boy she liked, Sasuke. Ino was the one who became her friend and defended her at first when they were in the academy.

Why Is Sakura So Weak?

Sakura doesn’t come with any special Kekke Genkai or any other Jutsu to be passed down by her family. She wasn’t a born genius either.

She was a mediocre female ninja. And considering all she did was whine so, she got little time to train. And that is why Sakura is so weak. 

Sakura Improved a Lot in Shippuden

In Naruto Shippuden, after long training, Sakura did become stronger though. She stopped being a two-faced character.

She defeated Sasori, saved Congkuro’s life, saved Naruto in the war period. Later she unlocked the hundred healing Jutsu. Sakura even punched the Kaguya right before she got sealed.


Sakura got enough spotlight in the show. However, she did nothing that could support or drive the story from the front. That is why Sakura was so useless.

Though later, she improved and became much stronger, both physically and mentally.