How Many Seasons Does Naruto Have?

Naruto is one of the most popular shounen anime. It’s one of those anime series that you fall in love with and always rewatch a few episodes or arcs whenever you get the time. For beginners, this may seem confusing to start with. So, the most common question we get is how many seasons does Naruto have?

Well, Naruto has 2 parts, Naruto (2002) & Naruto Shippuden. While Naruto (2002) has 5 seasons & Naruto Shippuden has 21 seasons. As for episodes, Naruto has 220 episodes in total, and Shippuden, it has 500 episodes.

How Many Seasons Does Naruto Have?

There are 220 episodes in Naruto (2002). And all these episodes are divided into 5 seasons. And as for Shippuden, there are 21 seasons and 500 episodes in those seasons.

So, in total, the whole Naruto series (Naruto and Shippuden) has 26 seasons and 720 episodes. 

How Many Episodes Are in Naruto Season 1?

Season 1 of Naruto has 57 episodes. It begins with the introduction to all the main characters and the first important mission of Team 7.

The season ends with Naruto learning the summoning Jutsu from Jiraiya. And it also shows us that Naruto will be training under master Jiraiya in the future too.

How Many Episodes in Naruto Season 2?

Season 2 of Naruto has 43 episodes in total. It begins with the hospital hostility between Gaara and Hidden Leaf Genins. Later on, the last stage of the Chunin exam continues with only a few ninjas fighting one on one. 

In this season we get to see Orochimaru attacks the Hidden Leaf, reanimates the previous 2 Hokages, and fight a death match with the 3rd Hokage. Later, we get to see Itachi and Kisame for the first time, why the Akatsuki is after Naruto, and their main goal. 

From Naruto learning the Rasengan to Tsunade becoming the 5th Hokage, there are so many things happening in this season, that it’s impossible to point everything out.

How Many Episodes are in Naruto Season 3?

Naruto season 3 consists of 41 episodes. Season 3 starts from the 101st episode and ends in the 141st episode. This season fully depicts Sasuke’s leave of the village and Naruto’s pursuit after him.

Although Lady Tsunade dispatched a team of genin, putting Shikamaru in charge, all the other Genins ninjas were just to help out Naruto to reach Sasuke.

Well, they succeeded in that. However, Naruto failed to bring back Sasuke to the village and keep his promise to Sakura.

How Many Episodes are in Naruto Season 4?

The 4th season of Naruto begins from 142 and ends in the 183rd episode. So, the 4th season has a total of 42 episodes in total. 

This whole season is basically filler, except the first episode. From 143 to the rest of the season, you can skip them fully. The main story doesn’t concern these episodes at all.

How Many Episodes Are in Naruto Season 5?

The 5th episode of Naruto has 37 episodes in total. The season starts in the 184th episode and ends in the final episode, which is 220. 

Again, this whole season has almost nothing from the manga. From all 37 episodes of this season, there’s only 1 canon episode. That is the last one, the 220th episode. You can skip the rest.

How Many Episodes in Naruto Shippuden?

There are total of 500 episodes in Naruto Shippuden. The whole narrative shifts from the 1st episode of Shippuden. Not only you will see the characters becoming more mature and aged, but more serious stuff will start to happen left and right.

From the beginning of Shippuden to the end, there are more than 40% filler episodes, you can skip those and watch the cannon episodes only.


Naruto has 5 seasons and Shippuden has 21 seasons. Together the whole series has 26 seasons. For episodes, these 26 seasons have 720 episodes.

You do not have to watch all these episodes necessarily. They have more than 40% filler episodes. Skipping the filler, you can watch only the cannon episodes.

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