When Does Kakashi Become Hokage After the War?

Kakashi Hatake is one of the major characters of Naruto. He also goes by the names, ‘The copy ninja’, ‘Kakashi of the Sharingan‘. The protagonist Naruto was primarily trained by him. He was the teacher of team 7 and the student of 4th Hokage Minato Namikage. Thanks to his Sharingan, he can use a wide variety of Jutsu such as lighting blade, Kamui, fire style. Kakashi also has great experience in combat skills. Which helped him later become the 6th Hokage. But when does Kakashi become Hokage?

Kakashi becomes the Hokage in the 479th episode of Naruto Shippuden. A year after the 4th Great Ninja War ends, Tsunade passes her Hokage responsibilities to his shoulder. And Kakashi becomes the 6th Hokage.

Though being a Hokage he was always dismayed with the amount of paperwork he had to do, he was the most suitable person for the title at that time. 

When Does Kakashi Become Hokage?

How Did Kakashi Become Hokage

The Hokage position was created by Hashirama Senju, one of the founders of Konohagakure (Leaf village). The strongest ninja of the village shoulders the responsibilities as Hokage. So, a Hokage is the leader of Konoha village. 

One of Hokage’s responsibilities is to stick with villages’ daily affairs such as assigning ninjas to missions, securing the funding for the village projects. They also protect the village from big enemy attacks. The Hokage selects their successor.

During the 4th shinobi world war, Tsunade was the Hokage. And after the 4th Great Ninja War comes to an end, Lady Tsunade select Kakashi as her successor a year after the war. That is when Kakashi becomes the 6th Hokage.

How Did Kakashi Become Hokage?

He Was Going to Be the Hokage After Danzo Died

It was soon after Pain attacked the Hidden Leaf Village and destroyed it. While saving everyone in the village using her healing prowess, Tsunade went into Coma. So, Danzo took the opportunity to claim the title and start as an acting Hokage. However, before it was anything official, he died while fighting Sasuke. 

Kakashi was going to be the 6th Hokage after Danzo died in a fight against Sasuke. However, as Lady Tsunade comes back from coma, he got relieved from the pressure, for the time being.

Kakashi Played a Vital Role in the 4th Great Ninja War

In the 4th shinobi world war, his contribution was huge. Kakashi fought valiantly in that war alongside Naruto, Killer Bee, and Guy. He fought against Obito, Madara, 10 tails, and even Kaguya Otsutsuki.

While fighting Kaguya, with Obito’s eyes (and a little bit of Sage of the Six paths power) he unlocked Susano and used all sorts of new and powerful Jutsu like Kamui Shuriken, Kamui Raikiri. With that, he took most of Kaguya’s arms while she was in the Rabbit Goddess form.

Later Hagomoro explains that Naruto and Sasuke only need to join hands and release the Jutsu to end infinite Tsukuyomi but Sasuke had other plans.

To become the sole authority, Sasuke imprisons all the tailed beast intending to kill them and the current Kage. But Naruto refused to go along with this plan and they battled at the valley of the end all day. 

When their battle ended, Sakura and Kakashi found them unconscious at the edge of the Valley of the end, Sakura heals them and Sasuke admits his defeat. Apologizing for what he had done, he and Naruto together release the Infinite Tsukuyomi Genjutsu. 

Kakashi Takes the Hokage Title After the War

When the war is finally over Tsunade officially succeeds Kakashi as her Hokage heir. Though Kakashi was indirectly working as a Hokage when Tsunade was in her coma. Kakashi is one of the talented, capable, and extremely versatile ninjas of the hidden leaf village.

Kakashi’s father Sakumo Hatake was a famous ninja, known as the ‘white fang of Konoha. And Kakashi also proved himself a genius like his father by becoming the Hokage. 

Why Did Kakashi Become the 6th Hokage?

Why Did Kakashi Become the 6th Hokage

Well, there are many reasons, to be honest. 

  • Kakashi is very smart.
  • He is a very strong shinobi.
  • His Jutsu arsenal is humongous.
  • He knows how to handle things.
  • Kakashi is wise, which is essential for the title.
  • Last but not least, Kakashi inherits the will of fire.

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How Long Was Kakashi Hokage?

Kakashi was Hokage for 9 years. According to the Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky novel, Kakashi becomes the Hokage at least a year after the war. Naruto turned 17 when they defeated Madara and Kaguya and got married at 19.

So, Naruto was 18 when Kakashi becomes Hokage. A year after Naruto and Hinata’s marriage, Boruto was born. And Boruto was 8 when Naruto becomes the Hokage.

So, Naruto becomes Hokage at the age of 19+1+8= 28. And from that, we know Kakashi was Hokage for 28-19= 9 years.


The copy ninja, Kakashi becomes the 6th Hokage, a year after the 4th Great Ninja War ended. As Tsunade steps down from duty, he hands over all the workload and responsibilities to him. Becoming the Sixth Hokage, Kakashi also fulfills Obito’s dream.

Before Obito died in the battle against Kaguya, he told Kakashi to become the next Hokage and take care of Naruto and the next generation.

So, in a way, he fulfills Obito’s dream too. Besides Obito always wanted to be a Hokage too. I hope now, you know when does Kakashi become Hokage.

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