Is Crunchyroll Safe or Not? Everything You Need to Know

Due to the sudden boom of anime lovers in the world, many streaming sites have popped up whose sole purpose is anime streaming. And among all the apps and sites that let you stream high-quality anime; the name of Crunchyroll is the most well-known one. With its 120 million registered users worldwide, there is only one thing that bothers all, is Crunchyroll safe?

In terms of malware and harmful content both the app and site of Crunchyroll are completely safe. You won’t find a single virus within it. Moreover, the anime that it streams are legal and child safe. This is only if you don’t change the settings yourself.

But Crunchyroll is a huge corporation. They must have some dirt on them, won’t they? Well, that’s why we gathered all the info in one place so that you don’t have to read through the Terms and Conditions.

What’s Crunchyroll?

If you were not living under a rock, then you must have heard about streaming services. These services let you stream movies and series. And Crunchyroll is one such streaming service.

They mainly let you stream anime series and movies. If you are into watching anime and want to stay up to date with your favorite ones, then it is a must to have a Crunchyroll account. It is not free but it is legal. Moreover, the anime library is filled with hit shows of all time.

Is Crunchyroll Safe?

Unlike most other anime streaming sites and apps, Crunchyroll is the most legal one. In fact, they are so into anime streaming that they even produce their own shows. Well, these shows might not be the best but they are acceptable.

Due to this, they have a certain set of policies. And one such policy ensures user safety. Here are some of the most risky aspects that Crunchyroll is safe from.


If you have ever used any illegal online streaming platform, then you know that they are riddled with malware. These suspicious sites force you to click on ads and links that infect your device with undetectable viruses. But this risk factor is non-existent in Crunchyroll.

For Crunchyroll, the safety of its users holds the most priority. And this is why while using their streaming service on a browser or through their app, you will not be subjected to risky exposure.

This is all possible because Crunchyroll is a legal streaming service. So, they don’t do any shady activity like virus fishing.

Child Lock

Nowadays there are many anime that have adult content in them. The scenes might be composed of eighteen plus scenes or even filled with extreme violence.

Such shows can be filtered using child lock with ease. But if your child knows about the lock’s existence, they can also get rid of it.

In the case of Crunchyroll, the child lock is far more secure. When you apply the lock, none of the animes that have an 18+ rating will show up.

Even the gore and blood shed within the series will be censored. And if your child tries to undo the lock, you will be notified first before the lock can be removed. It is the best child-safe anime streaming service, period.

Personal Information

When using any streaming service, you get plenty of ads. That’s because the streaming service needs to earn money somehow.

It’s all well and good but if the ads are specifically targeted, then that’s bad. This is because in such cases, the service provider is selling your data.

For Crunchyroll, such a case is easily avoidable. That’s because Crunchyroll is a paid streaming service. This means they don’t need to sell your data to be able to earn money.

As long as you have a premium account, you won’t even get a single ad. But the appearance of ads is frequent for free accounts.

Even in this case, the ads are not targeted ads as long as you don’t change the settings. Yes, the default option of Crunchyroll saves you from targeted ads and keeps your personal data safe and secure.

How Free is Crunchyroll?

Having a huge collection of anime is well and good but one needs it to be legal. Otherwise, one can’t simply stream shows. But this legalization is not free of cost. If you want a positive answer to the question “is Crunchyroll legal?” then you need to spend some money.

This is because to legally stream any show or movie, the streaming rights are needed to be purchased. And to maintain these rights, a particular fee is to be paid over a predetermined tenure. Now if this fee is not paid, the streaming rights are revoked and the service loses its legality.

As Crunchyroll is a legal service, it is not free. It has many different packages that help you purchase an account in exchange for a measly fee. If you are not able to pay the amount, don’t worry, you can still enjoy their services.

But in this case, you will have to enjoy the shows along with the advertisements. And that can be annoying. You will also be unable to download the anime and many of the shows will have their access restricted.

So, a better answer for “is Crunchyroll free?” is that the services of Crunchyroll are free as long as you are willing to sacrifice a few features.

Frequently Inquired Topics

Why is Crunchyroll legal while others aren’t?

Crunchyroll has the streaming rights for many anime series and movies. That is why it can legally stream the shows on their sites and apps. Using Crunchyroll means helping the creators in one of the most legal ways.

Is Crunchyroll safe from targeted advertisements?

If you use a premium account for Crunchyroll, then you will not have to worry about targeted advertisements.

Even for free accounts, the advertisements seen are not targeted but random. But if you enable the personal data sharing feature, the ads will become targeted.

Does Crunchyroll help malware infect your device?

No, both the Crunchyroll app and site don’t promote virus attacks. They are safe from all types of malware. Thus you can safely browse their library and enjoy your show without the fear of getting your device infected.

Final Words

In the world of streaming services, there are many legal and illegal ones. The illegal ones are extremely harmful while the legal ones keep you safe.

Since Crunchyroll is part of the legal streaming services, you can answer in affirmative for the question “is Crunchyroll safe?”

Most sites might cause your device to suffer but Crunchyroll is not one of them. Using Crunchyroll is best not only for you but also for anime creators as its both safe and legal.