Is Killer Bee Dead? -Details Explained in 2023

Killer Bee is a shinobi from Kumogakure. A world-class shinobi with world-class rapping skills. He often gets his rapping ideas from his opponents in the middle of the battle. He is skilled with 7 sword-style Kenjutsu. Being the Eight-tails Jinchuriki he helped Naruto to master the Jinchuriki Transformation. As things changed in Boruto anime, we always wonder, is Killer Bee dead in Boruto.

No, Killer Bee is not dead yet. Though he had fought countless battles and multiple Ninja World Wars, he did not die. Killer Bee is a very strong ninja; he escaped many tough situations and defeated many tough opponents. Till the very end of Naruto Shippuden and even in the Boruto series, Killer Bee is very much alive.

In this article, we will tell you if Killer Bee is dead or alive. And how did he survive 2 near-death experiences?

Is Killer Bee Dead?

Killer Bee faced near-death two times. The first one is the battle with the Taka, and the second one is the battle with the Momoshiki Otsutsuki. However, he survived both of these incidents.

The battle with the Taka

After training, Bee was leaving the Valley of Clouds and lighting. But suddenly he was confronted by Taka, Sasuke’s newly formed guild. Suigetsu attacked him first. Then Bee took Suigetsu’s sword and used it to overpower Jugo.

Sasuke stepped in and tried to take back Suigetsu’s sword with his own sword. Impressed Bee then attacked Sasuke with his orthodox 7 sword style fighting. Sasuke was unable to follow Bee’s fighting style even with his Sharingan.

Sasuke tried to gain the upper hand with a lightning-style Chidori sword but Bee countered him using lightning style too. Sasuke was critically wounded by Bee. Suigetsu and Jugo came to his defense while Karin retreated with Sasuke and healed him.

Karin healed Sasuke and the fight continued. Bee became bored with the fight and tried to leave but was tracked by Karin.

Bee entered his Version 1 form due to being unable to escape and attacked Sasuke. Taka was able to flee and Sasuke caught Bee in his Genjutsu. Gyuki helped Bee to break out and hit Sasuke with a Lighting Release: Lariat blasting a hole in Sasuke’s chest.

Fully transforming into a tailed beast, Bee then fired a tailed beast bomb at them.  But Suigetsu was able to protect the rest of Taka by using himself as a shield. After Jugo merged a part of him with Sasuke, which stopped him from dying.

Sasuke uses Amaterasu on Bee. By burning with the Amaterasu Bee rampaged in pain and almonds crushed Karin with one of his tentacles.

Sasuke severed the tentacle and Bee used this opportunity to escape and fake his capture, by substituting with the severed tentacle and leaving behind a decoy. Taka was unaware of this and delivered B to the Akatsuki. And the real Bee went on a vacation. 

Later, Akatsuki discovered it was a fake whilst trying to extract Gyuki from Bee’s body. 

The battle with the Otsutsuki clan

The Otsutsuki clan was in search of Kaguya’s scattered Chakra. They attacked Bee, trapping him to transform into Gyuki. Bee was disenabled during the fight and attacked Momoshiki and Kinshiki with a tailed beast ball. Momoshiki absorbed it and redirected it at him, extending its force.

Bee was unable to dodge and was engulfed in the blast. But he succeeded in making an octopus leg clone. Upon the clone being captured by the clansmen, they were fooled thinking it was the real Bee. Leading to its chakra being extracted and converted into a few pills before they continued their search. 

The ordeal left Gyuki unable to contact other tailed beasts. Afterward, Bee returned to Kumogakure. So, Killer Bee saved himself once again using his intelligence.

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Killer Bee is an extraordinary ninja. He can easily fool his opponents with many tactics. His octopus clone is one of them. And with his strength, Kenjutsu, intelligence, and the power of the 8th tails Jinchuriki transformation he is a formidable opponent in battle. In the past, he has fooled death quite a bunch of times. 

With his superior battle strategy, Killer Bee evaded death multiple times. As a result, he stays alive even in the Boruto series.