Does Kakashi Have a Kid? – Know the Real Answer Now

Kakashi Hatake is the 6th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village. He’s famous all around the ninja world. Kakashi is well-versed in all kinds of ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. When it comes to personal matters, Kakashi is as mysterious as it can get. Does Kakashi have a kid, does he get married in Boruto? We will answer these questions below.

Kakashi does not have a kid in Naruto, Shippuden, or Boruto. Although, there is a Gennin called Houki Taketori who looks a lot like Kakashi. Therefore, the fan theory begins that he is Kakashi’s son. However, it is later revealed that Houki is not Kakshi’s son, he simply admires the 6th Hokage and tries to look like him.

Does Kakashi Have a Kid?

Kakashi is a lone wolf. From the very beginning, when he was a kid he was a kid minding his own business and not bothering anyone. Well, thanks to continuous tragedies one after another, Kakashi didn’t have what you may call a normal childhood.

He was the son of the famous White Fang. Everyone had high expectations from him. Later, he lost his father whom he idolized.

After that, he lost his close friend Obito in the battle & and soon after that he lost another close friend Rin Nohara. To watch her die at his own hand, put Kakashi in severe depression. 

Night after night, day after day that gave him nightmares. And no sooner had he recovered from these traumas, Kakashi lost his teacher whom he idolized and believed to be the savior of the Ninja world.

After that, he recovers from his traumas by teaching young kids. That went well as we’ve seen him acting a lot better than the ‘cold-hearted Kakashi’. A big thanks to his friend Might Guy is dew for that.

As for kids, Kakashi really does not have any interest to have a kid, nor does he have any romantic encounters with anyone.

Does Kakashi Get Married in Boruto?

Kakashi does not get married in the Boruto series. Actually, from his batch, we really don’t see anyone getting married.

Living a life full of tragedies and high-rank missions, Kakashi never really has any romantic endeavor whatsoever. And being a lone wolf, a single life suits him more than married life. 

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Why is Kakashi Not Married?

Well, there are a number of reasons why Kakashi is not married. For starter,

  • Kakashi never had any girlfriend or any romantic relationship, to begin with.
  • He does not have any clan or family members left to push him to marry.
  • Because of his tragedies in life.
  • He likes to live alone.

Who is Ken Hatake?

Ken Hatake is not a canon character in Naruto or Boruto series anywhere. Nor can he be found in any filler episode. He is simply a fanmade character just like Kiyomi Uchiha.

According to the fanmade story, Ken Hatake is Kakashi’s son. People on the internet writing fanfiction about him as Kakashi’s son and all. 

However, there is no information in Manga, Anime, Databook, or Novels about him whatsoever.   

Who is Kakashi’s wife

As we have said earlier, Kakashi didn’t marry. Nor does he have any romantic relationship with anyone. So, Kakashi does not have a wife or girlfriend. And he never did.

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Kakashi doesn’t have a kid or wife. He didn’t marry in Boruto. Like his best friend Might Guy, Kakashi remained unmarried. To put it another way, the manga authors really didn’t want to give him that kind of lifestyle.

He always has been a lone wolf teacher who is there to save you. Besides that, he minds his own business. Giving him a married life would spoil that part of his charm.

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