How did Obito Survive? Detailed Answer is Here

Obito is one of the most influential characters in the entire Naruto universe. He started the Fourth Great Ninja War, controlled the Akatsuki, killed all the Uchiha along with Itachi, was the mastermind behind the 9 tails attack in Konoha. But everyone thought h died in the Battle of Kannabi Bridge, during the 3rd Great Ninja War. After knowing all of this, a common question comes to our mind, how did Obito survive? And who saved Obito from dying?

Madara planned the whole thing including Rin. He planned it to turn Obito evil and then use him however he liked. After Obito got crushed under a boulder while trying to save his friend. Madara saved Obito from that place with Zetsu and bring him to the hideout. There he implanted Zetsu’s body and treated him. And that is how Obito survived.

How Did Obito Survive?  

During the Third Shinobi World War, Kakashi, Obito, and Rin were on a mission to destroy the Kannabi bridge. As Minato was on a separate mission to kill the enemies in the frontline singlehandedly, he sent the rest of them under Kakashi’s command making him the new team captain.

Rin Got Kidnapped By The Hidden Rock Ninjas

Before they could succeed in the mission, one of their team member Rin Nohara got kidnapped by the Hidden Rock ninjas. Obito wanted to rescue her, right away. However, Kakashi wanted to fulfill the mission at hand.

Obito And Kakashi Rescue Rin

Kakashi and Obito later rescued her. While fighting one of the enemies, Kakashi lost one of his eyes. On the other hand, Obito awakened his Sharingan. But, after rescuing Rin when they were escaping the enemy territory, one of the enemies used a jutsu to make the whole cave collapse.

While trying to save Kakashi, Obito got crushed by a boulder. Their teammates left him there as there was no way to save him from that.

Madara Saved Obito Using Zetsu

Madara not only saved Obito but also planned the whole thing using Zetsu. He plotted everything, to begin with.

He did that to use Obito so that he can later perform the Rinne Rebirth jutsu and bring Madara back to life and also help his plan Project Tsuki no me. And that is how Obito survived that.

Who Saved Obito From Dying?

who saved obito from dying

Obito was saved from the brink of death 3 times by 3 separate people.

  • Madara saved him from under the boulders in the 3rd Great Ninja War.
  • After using the Rinne Rebirth, Black Zetsu stuck with Obito for a while which saved him from dying.
  • Naruto used the Six Paths’ Yang power to save Obito when they were still in the Lava Dimension.

How Did Obito Survive Ten Tails Extraction?

After all the tailed beasts were extracted from Obito, he should have died right away. However, he had the Gedo Statue inside of him, which kept him alive.

Later after Madara summons the Gedo Statue, it was only a matter of time that Obito was dying. Thanks to the Hashirama cells in him his death was delayed for a few minutes. 

And then Zetsu took control over his body and performed the Rinne Rebirth Jutsu, which is a jutsu that kills its caster. So, Obito must have to die for 2 different reasons here. However, since Black Zetsu was attached to his body, Obito didn’t die. 

Later, after Zetsu leaves Obito’s body, we see Naruto putting the Six Paths Yang release to save Obito.

How Did Obito Survive Without A Heart?

Half of Obito’s body was made of Zetsu and Hashirama cells. That’s why even after Kakashi destroyed his heart along with the cursed seal tag that Madara put there to control Obito, Obito survived.

He then bsorbed the 10 tails and becomes the new 10 tails’ Jinchuriki.  

How Did Obito Survive Konan?

Obito fought Konan knowing very well, there was no way that Konan will be able to counter his Kamui. However, Konan had other plans.

After observing his power for a long time, she made a foolproof plan and amalgamated over 6 billion paper bombs. And her timing also was on point. Which led Obito into a corner, leaving him no choice but to use Izanagi.

Obito used Izanagi to survive Konan.

How Did Obito Survive Amaterasu?

Basically, Obito can pass through any physical attack or ninjutsu that attacks physically. And that is how he survived Amaterasu.

His Mangekyou Sharingan had this unique ability that led him miles ahead of others.  


A lot of us still don’t get how did Obito survive. Well, he survived cause Madara saved him. He later used him in order to progress his project. Though Madara himself didn’t save Obito. He used Zetsu to rescue him. 

So, now you know how did Obito survive. If you have any more questions about it, don’t forget to ask us.