How Old is Kakashi in Naruto and Boruto? (Details Explained)

Every Naruto fan has a soft spot for Kakashi Hatake. Many are also curious about his age in order to learn more about his fascinating past and significance in the broader series. So how old is Kakashi

Kakashi was 26 years old when he was first introduced in Naruto, and after a 15-year timeline change between “Naruto Shippuden” & “Boruto,” he is around 46 years old inside the “Boruto” series.

Although it might appear to you that the answer to this question might be straightforward, really, it’s far trickier than it might appear. Hence, we’re here to give you an idea about Kakashi Hatake’s age throughout his lifestyle.

How Old is Kakashi in Naruto Season 1? 

Finding out how old Kakashi really is actually is a challenging task in and of itself. Since his age has never been mentioned directly in any of the episodes of this series, the only method to estimate Kakashi’s age is to reckon from the various hints about the age provided in the anime.

Kakashi’s mother passed away when he was just a young child, and his father nurtured him until he committed suicide when Kakashi was roughly 5 years old. 

Since it’s already an established narrative that Kakashi passed from Ninja Academy just at the age of 5, owing to his remarkable talents, we receive the first incident that could help us identify his age during this time.

The Chūnin Exams are the following event on the calendar that may assist you. Furthermore, it’s stated within the series that Kakashi had only been 6 years old as he was permitted to fight in the examination against Might Guy as well as obtain the rank of Chūnin.

Because it was already canonically proven that Kakashi had been promoted to a Jōnin just at the age of 12, this assists us a fair bit in our quest of calculating how old he actually is.

As a result of the Third Shinobi War and the deaths of some of his close ones, Kakashi slipped into a poor mental condition. While his superiors saw the promotion to Anbu, as the right way to pull him out of there. 

Because of this, we may deduce that Kakashi had been 13 years old when he first joined the team, even though it appears to happen rather rapidly in the series. The period that went between the 2 promotions was around one year.

When Naruto first became a Genin, that’s the moment at which we have the best opportunity to make an educated approximation as to how old Kakashi is. When the events of that chapter take place, Naruto is 12 years old.

Since Kakashi is shown to be 14 years older than protagonist Naruto, we can say that he’d be around 26 years old when the series first began if we take this information into consideration.

How Old is Kakashi in Boruto?

Before getting to the Epilogue, there seems to be a big pause. Boruto Uzumaki, son of protagonist Naruto & Hinata Uzumaki, joins the Academy during this period. Due to this incident, we can determine how old Kakashi is.

It’s believed that Kakashi is approximately around 46 years old due to ongoing of the story. For Boruto to be admitted into the Ninja Academy, he needed to be between 10 and 11 years old. This information strengthens our assumptions.

After 2 years, Boruto is now 12 years old. By this calculation, Kakashi has reached the age of 46.

Even though people like to believe Kakashi doesn’t seem to age, we don’t believe that. We also notice that Kakashi seems less frequent in the latest season. He doesn’t simply appear more worn out, but he also appears to be less lively and calmer.

To him, life’s complications and the evolution of the relationships are more important than anything else.

If you want to see the differences between episodes, you should look at the whole thing from beginning to end. Besides, the backstory also remains incredibly complex. All we can say is Kakashi is indeed a powerful ninja even when though his age is around 50.

To conclude, we would say, according to Boruto’s timeline, Kakashi is roughly around 48 old at the time of the events in the show.

How Old is Kakashi in Naruto Shippuden?

By the time Naruto Shippuden is over, Kakashi has reached the age of 33. Kakashi first became a member of said Anbu Black Ops while he was only 13 years old. 

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise when you’ll consider his past accomplishments, such as attaining Chunin at the age of 6. After another 3 years, Obito achieved the rank of Chunin, while Kakashi was promoted to the Jonin at that time. 

When Obito Uchiha launched an assault on “Leaf Village,” Obito Uchiha was just 13 at the time, as Kakashi was a year older than him, so it made him 14. Given that Naruto had been born on the same day as the attack indicates that Kakashi must be 14 years older than Naruto. After the Naruto series, Naruto had reached the age of 12, which put Kakashi’s age at 26.

To put that in perspective, Kakashi was 29 years old as “Naruto Shippuden” first aired, while Naruto was only 15. Naruto celebrated his 17th birthday on the eve of the end of the “Fourth Great Ninja War”. 

This means that at the finale of the “Naruto Shippuden” manga, Kakashi will be 31 years old. On the other hand, the” Naruto Shippuden” decided to incorporate several stories of light into the show as well.

There’s a legend that Naruto wedded Hinata when he was 19 years old. Given this information, Kakashi will be 31 years old by the time the Anime “Naruto Shippuden” concludes.

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How Old is Kakashi Hatake?

The first episode of the anime series “Naruto” begins with Kakashi already being an adult, but let’s travel back in time to figure out just how old Kakashi is during the various phases of the story.

How Old is Kakashi When He Becomes Hokage?

After the conclusion of the fourth “Great Ninja War,” on the day that Naruto turned 17, Kakashi was promoted to the position of Hokage. 

Given that Naruto is fourteen years younger than Kakashi, we can conclude that Kakashi was around 31 years old when he became Hokage.

How Old is Kakashi When Minato Died 

When the unidentified masked man released the wrath of 9 Tails on Konoha, Kakashi was just 14 years old. During the same night, Naruto’s parents, Minato and Kushina, both passed away while attempting to shield their son from Kurama’s assault. 

As we mentioned earlier, Kakashi is 14 years older than Naruto, and as he was born that exact night, we’d have to say Kakashi was 14 years old when Minato passed away.


Everyone is interested in learning anything and everything there would be to know about this Kakashi Hatake. So we see people often asking “How old is Kakashi?.”  

When we were first acquainted with Kakashi in Naruto, he had already reached the age of 26. In Naruto Shippuden, he was around 31 years old, while in Boruto, Kakashi Hatake was probably between 46 and 48 years old.

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