Does Gaara Get Shukaku Back After the War?

Gaara is one of the most intimidating characters when first introduced in OG Naruto. He was ferocious, wicked, strong, and had everything in his personality that you would want to keep distance from. What made Gaara that strong at that stage was the One Tail beast – Shukaku.

However, later in Shippuden, we see the Akatsuki extract Shukaku out of him. So the question is does Gaara get Shukaku back later?

Gaara does not get Shukaku back. After the One-Tailed Beast was extracted out of him, there is no evidence in the Naruto or Boruto series of him being a Jinchuriki again. And as for Shukaku, it remained free as a tailed beast.

Does Gaara Get Shukaku Back? 

Gaara was the Jinchuriki of 1 tailed beast. And as Akatsuki was hunting the tailed beast down one by one, they sent Deidara to capture Gaara.

After a fierce battle, he captured Gaara and took him to one of their hideouts. There they used the Gedo Statue to extract the Tailed Beast out of him. And as we know the Jinchuriki dies once the Tailed Beast is out. And Gaara died back then.

However, Lady Chiyo used a forbidden Jutsu and saved him in exchange for her own life. Gaara gets back to life, but as an ordinary ninja, not a Jinchuriki. 

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, we see Shukaku get free from the Gedo statue. Though soon after that, Madara took it again along with other Tailed Beasts inside the statue.

And after the war, it again gets free. This time, Shukaku becomes free for good.

However, to that point, there is no sign or hint about him getting inside of Gaara again.

And as for Boruto, we see Urashiki telling Momoshiki Otsutsuki that there are only 2 Jinchuriki left. Which he refers to as Naruto and Killer Bee. So that also clearly indicates that Gaara didn’t get Shukaku back.

Why Didn’t Gaara Get Shukaku Back?

Well, there is no need for him to get Shukaku in the first place. Neither do Shukaku has that kinda bond to agree to get sealed inside him again.

Though they built a friendlier relationship over time, that’s nowhere near the relationship and bond Naruto and Kurama had.

And with that foul personality that Shukaku has, who would in their right mind want to get him back. As for Shukaku, he finally got free and wanted to roam around the world as he pleased.

Does Gaara Become a Jinchuuriki Again?

No, Gaara does not become a Jinchuriki again after losing the One-Tailed Beast Shukaku. A Jinchuuriki usually dies after the tailed beast is extracted.

However Gaara is alive, and actually came back to life thanks to Lady Chiyo. And after that we see no information whatsoever of Gaara being a Jinchuriki again.

Is Gaara Friends with Shukaku?

Yes Gaara is friends with Shukaku. As we see him contacting Shukaku time after time in Boruto. And even Urashiki Otsutsuki was trying to capture Shukaku, Gaara sent him to Naruto to guard the tailed beast. And Shukaku agreed to the idea. So, yes they are friends alright.

Who Gets Shukaku After Gaara?

No one gets Shukaku after Gaara. After the war ended, Shukaku becomes completely free like many other tailed beasts.

Thanks to his unfriendly behavior and short temper it is highly unlikely that he would want to get sealed inside anyone ever again. 

And as for Gaara, though he built a friendly relationship with Shukaku, he really doesn’t have any good reason to become a Jinchuuriki again.

Is Gaara Still Strong After Losing Shukaku?

Yes, Gaara is still crazy strong after losing Shukaku. Gaara with his unusual sand manipulation and mastery over different types of Jutsu using sand becomes an exceptionally well-versed ninja strong in both offense and defense. 

We saw him fighting Madara with the other 4 Kage, later he assists Guye sensei to fight the Juubi Madara. And as time went by, with wisdom and experience, he became only stronger as he aged.


Gaara was the Jinchuuriki of the One-Tailed Beast Shukaku. However, the Akatsuki captured and take Shukaku out of him. Though Lady Chiyo gives Gaara his life back in exchange for her own, it didn’t get Shukaku back. 

And to this day, we see no evidence in anime, manga, or databook that suggests that Gaara gets Shukaku back. On the contrary, we see Urashiki mentions that there were only 2 tailed beasts left in the world.