Does Naruto Like Hinata? – (Everything Explained)

Naruto and Hinata both know each other from a very early age. Even before getting into the ninja academy. Hinata always stalked Naruto. She had such an obvious crush on her that every one of their batch knew about it, except for Naruto of course.

But wait, what about Naruto? Does Naruto like Hinata?

Well, according to his own words, Naruto always liked Hinata. Despite being timid and terrified, Hinata had this mentality of never giving up no matter what the odds are. This personality made Naruto like Hinata. And later slowly they expressed their feeling toward each other and fell in love.

Does Naruto Like Hinata?

Back in the academy, every girl used to like Sasuke because of his charm and talent in ninjutsu. However, not Hinata though.

She always had this thing for our boy Naruto. Even before they got into the academy, she started to notice and like him.

There was that one time when Hinata was being bullied by other kids of her age, Naruto rushed to the scene for help.

Even though everyone else in the village despised him and wanted their kids to maintain distance from him, Hinata started to follow him from that age.

As time passed on her infatuation grew stronger and stronger. And she finally confessed that she loves Naruto during the pain battle.

She literally risked her life in order to save Naruto even though she knew full well she would probably die in the process.

That really proves how much Hinata liked or loved Naruto. Later in, in the 4th Great Ninja War, and in Naruto the Last movie, she again expressed her feeling. And our thickheaded boy Naruto finally understood her feelings.

Naruto always liked Hinata for her strong spirit and standing for the things she holds precious. And in the movie Naruto the last, he finally accepts her feeling and fell in love with her.

When Does Naruto Start to Like Hinata?

Naruto liked Hinata from the beginning. He liked him because of his personality. But their relationship or feeling starts to get somewhere during the movie Naruto: The Last. In this movie, Toneri Otsutsuki kidnapped Hinata at some point.

And by the time he rescued her and started to come back to the earth, they saw each other’s memory and understood each other’s feelings better.

When Does Naruto Fall in Love with Hinata?

Naruto falls in love with Hinata, during the mission they were on to rescue Hinata’s younger sister Hanabi from Toneri Otsutsuki.

There Naruto finally understood how Hinata feel for her and he understood his own feeling about her too. As they both run into each other’s memory when coming back from the mission, Naruto fell in love with Hinata.

Why Does Naruto Love Hinata?

There are a number of reasons for Naruto to love Hinata. Here you can check:

  1. Hinata is caring
  2. She is beautiful
  3. Her personality of standing for what she believes in
  4. Hinata understands Naruto
  5. Hinata loves Naruto more than anyone.

When Do Naruto and Hinata Get Together?

Naruto and Hinata got together in Naruto: The Last Movie. As the movie ends bringing an end to Toneri and the mission, it also brought Naruto and Hinata closer together.

When Do Naruto and Hinata Start Dating?

Naruto and Hinata started dating after the 4th Great Ninja War. To be more specific, after they get back from rescuing Hanabi. They started dating.

And soon after that, they get married. Their wedding took place in the 500th episode of the Naruto Shippuden.

In What Episode Does Naruto Confess His Love to Hinata?

Naruto confesses his love to Hinata in Naruto: The Last movie. It’s not in Shippuden. Although their wedding ceremony is between 496 to 500th episode. You have to watch the movie to see that.


Of course, Naruto likes Hinata. They fell in love and later married each other. As Hinata always stalked Naruto, had a crush on him & later confessed to him, eventually Naruto started to reciprocate with her.

And as for when, Naruto always liked Hinata because of how she is.

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