How Did Minato Die? How Old Was He? Minato’s Death Explained

Minato namikaze is the 4th Hokage. The one who saved the village from the 9 tail fox. The hero who ended the 3rd Great Ninja war singlehandedly. The yellow flash of the leaf. The enemies had ‘flee on sight’ order. According to Jiraiya, he was an unparalleled genius unlike any other. And even the 3rd Raikage believed that no one could ever surpass him. But he died at a very young age. So we wonder, how did Minato die?

The fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze died protecting the village and his child when the 9 tails attacked the Hidden Leaf village. He fought the masked man, Tobi defeated him in battle. Head back to the village and then seal the 9 Tail Fox. He used Reaper Death Seal to seal the tailed beast. And as we know, this Jutsu requires a human sacrifice, the caster of this Jutsu dies. And that is how Minato died, he sacrificed himself for the sake of his village. 

How Did Minato Die?

When the 9 Tailed Fox attacked the Leaf village, everyone in the village tried to defend the village. The 3rd Hokage also took part in the team. All of them were defending their lives meanwhile waiting for the 4th Hokage.

The masked man who summoned the 9 tail fox, wanted to destroy the hidden leaf village. Then he went on to capture and kill Minato. However, his opponent was too quick for him. After all, he was the yellow flash of the leaf. As soon as he touched Minato got away using his teleportation technique.

Later, the masked man followed Minato to where he teleported. And so the deathmatch begins. The masked man slipped through his attack as Minato tries to end the match fast.

The fourth Hokage then analyzes his opponent’s movements and acknowledges his teleportation technique surpasses his own Flying Raijin Jutsu.

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Kamui vs Flying Raijin (4th Hokage’s Deathmatch)

Kamui is the technique or Jutsu that Tobi was using to slip through Minato’s attack. And Flying Raijin is Minato’s teleportation technique. As the fight begins, soon it becomes a fight of these 2 teleportation techniques. 

He figured out that Tobi makes himself intangible when his opponent attacks him. And soon after the opponent finishes attacks, he again makes himself tangible. This way he can attack his opponent. Minato figures it out. 

He realizes he has to attack the moment Tobi claims to be Madara, the moment before the attacks. And that’s what he does. Minato outsmarts Tobi and smashes a Rasengan with the help of his extreme speed and teleportation technique Flying Raijin. Minato then uses a reverse seal to separate the 9 Tails from Tobi. 

Minato Seals Kurama

After defeating the mysterious masked man Tobi, Minato heads back to the village to deal with Kurama. After he gets back to the Leaf village, he transports the 9 tails along with a tailed beast bomb out of the village. Then he takes his wife Kushina and newborn son Naruto. 

Minato seals half of 9 tails inside of him using Reaper Death Seal. Though this is a powerful Jutsu, it is a one-shot move. Because it requires a human sacrifice. The caster of the Jutsu dies after using it.  

Minato sealed the rest of Kurama inside of his own son Naruto using an 8 sign seal. He did it because he knew Tobi wasn’t just some random guy.

He would attack again in the future. So he entrusts this enormous power and responsibilities to his child. Minato believed that Naruto will be the one to stop Tobi in the future.

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Minato And Kushina Stop Kurama’s Attempt

While Minato was looking after Kushina, Kurama saw an opportunity to kill Naruto and attempted to do that. So, both Minato and Kushina stopped him by using their own body.

However, they didn’t die because of that. Because Minato was to die because he used the Reaper death seal.

When Did Minato Die?

Minato died the day Naruto was born. That means 10th October. He died soon after his son Naruto was born. While trying to save both his village and his sone, he sacrificed his life.

How Old Was Minato When He Died?

Minato died at such a young age. He died at 24 years old. Soon after he became the 4th Hokage, while defending the village he gave his life. He governed the Hidden Leaf village for 1-1.5 years as Hokage.


Minato is one of the most loved characters in the Naruto series. He died before the series starts. Later in the show, we see how he died in flashbacks and backstory. Minato protected the village and his newborn son Naruto from both 9 tails and the Masked Man Tobi.

And at the end, he sealed the half of 9 tails inside of him using a forbidden Jutsu called Reaper death seal. He sacrificed himself to perform that technique. And that ultimately settles that chaos and protects the village from more destruction. 

So, now you know ho did Minato die. If you have any more questions about that, let us know in the comment section.