Is Hidive Safe or Not? You Must Know This

Hidive is an anime streaming website that provides anime of all genres, including the anime’s uncut scenes. This streaming site comes with some packages, and the facilities are as per the package.

There are many anime streaming sites like Kissanime that offer free anime shows, but the problem is with the third-party ads popping up continuously.

But the main question is; is Hidive safe? Yes, it’s safe totally, both technologically and legally. Let’s see in more detail its validity, worth, and safety.

A Little Bit About Hidive’s Background

Before moving to details, let’s do a little background check of the Hidive. Unlike kissanime, which provides both subbed and dubbed anime versions, Hidive provides anime series with English subtitles. And the number of dubbed anime series is very few.

One can stream popular anime shows like Attack on Titan, Death Note, Naruto, Inuyasha, and many more. And many new and exciting shows keep airing regularly too.

Till now, Hidive got more or less 500 anime shows in its pocket. Alongside some mature anime series, it streams the kid’s favorite Godzilla and live-action movies.

But the advantage of Hidive is that it offers lag-free streaming each second without sacrificing the sound quality. Hidive also streams its original shows e.g. Sentai Podcast, like Netflix’s original series.

Is Hidive Safe?

Now, to answer the question about the safety of Hidive is that yes, it’s officially safe to make an account and stream your favorite anime shows.

Many users argued that it’s not safe to use Hidive because the app can also link with the user’s Google or iOS account. But the fact is, Hidive is a safe and legal anime streaming platform.

Moreover, Hidive also launched many of its free and legal anime streams with some premium plus unique streaming services for its users.

Is Hidive Free?

There’s a saying that nothing in life comes free of cost, but is Hidive free?

Well, Hidive isn’t free. It comes with subscription plans after a 30-day free trial. With a subscription plan of $4.99/month, the user can enjoy a quality streaming service.

In the subscription plan, Hidive provides a 1080p library of all of its shows and some extra services.

You can download Hidive on the Google Play Store and iOS store, on media streaming devices just like Amazon; and on gaming consoles as well.

Is Hidive Worth It?

Let’s dive into questions once again, and that is, is Hidive worth it? With new anime series being added to the site each day and an affordable subscription plan, Hidive is worth going for.

Hidive has started to become a suitable competitor for the old and popular anime streaming shows with the crisp streaming quality.

The web interface or graphics of Hidive is a bit messy. But if the user can get past the idea of the messy web interface, then they can also see its quick browsing facilities, blog, and merchandising series that are worth giving a try.

Moreover, Hidive also provides constant discounts and offers for its users, unlike the other streaming devices. Even their anime categories or genre has unique headings that sound pleasant and aesthetic at the same time.

The unique features of Hidive are that the user can watch their favorite anime shows with other subscribers or friends. Simply by sending the friends the streaming link, one can enjoy anime watching even more.

More Interesting Features of Hidive

Hidive has several mature anime shows hence, they’ve also included the Parental Control System. One can enable or disable the system according to their age on their customized avatar page.

There’s also something unique going on between Hidive and VPN relationships. A VPN is a nice choice to keep the user’s information safe.

In the case of Hidive, the VPN location of the US and Denmark connections worked, but unfortunately it was not the same for the Japan VPN.

Hopefully, Hidive will sort it out in no time.


Does Crunchyroll own Hidive?
Crunchyroll is under AMC networks that also owns the rights to Sentai Filmworks connected to Hidive. However, Hidive exited the contract to operate under VRV.

How many shows does Hidive have?
With more than 500 anime shows in its library and more series updated regularly, it’s like an Xbox for anime shows.

Can the Hidive free trial be canceled?
While making an account for the free trial, one needs to put in the bank information. But the user can cancel the subscription plan anytime.

The Bottom Line

Is Hidive safe? Definitely, as they are legal and official at the same time. Due to merging with other companies, they might not be independent, but it will be better with time.

It’s safe to conclude that Hidive is the perfect place for anime fanatics.