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Minato Namikaze, Konoha’s yellow flash, the 4th Hokage. He is the father of the protagonist Naruto Uzumaki. Legendary Sannin Jiraiya was his sensei. Minato was also the teacher of Kakashi. He is responsible for sealing the nine-tail fox into Naruto and saving the village. He is known especially for his speed, but how fast is Minato?

Minato was fast enough to visit the whole village with his body flicker Jutsu in an instant. He is the fastest ninja in the whole Naruto Universe and he is known for Flying Raijin Jutsu. However, he could use it so well because of his insanely fast reaction time and raw speed.

He earned his nickname the yellow flash not because of Flying Raijin Jutsu, it was his raw speed and the body flicker that earned him the nickname.

Today we are going to talk about the yellow flash of the leaf, the Fourth Hokage. His feats, to be more accurate, we will talk about how fast is Minato.

How Fast is Minato?

Minato at his base form was faster than the 4th Raikage, he could react and dodge A’s attack with ease. It makes him literally lighting fast. And if he goes into the sage mode, that makes him 5-10 times faster than that. And after reanimation when he went into Kyubi Chakra Mode, it made him 72 times faster.

hokage minato's speed

We will discuss some of the rare moments where we can see the Fourth Hokage actually using his speed to explain to you exactly how fast he was.

Minato vs 1000 Hidden Stone Ninja

This fight was never shown in manga or anime or anywhere. However, it is stated multiple times that Minato took out 1000 Hidden Stone Ninja in an instance which stops the invasion and the 3rd Great Ninja War itself.

Ending any 1vs1 battle in mere seconds is one thing. Battling and defeating 1000 ninja in a war, is one hell of a feat. But to do that in mere seconds is something only Minato could do.

Minato vs A and Killer Bee

Minato encountered the Fourth Raikage and Killer Bee and handled them together with ease. Though Minato was not Hokage, neither A was Raikage at that time.

Minato reacted to A’s top speed unfazed and gave him a philosophical pep talk before countering his top speed with ease. 

A was so impressed by Minato that he even stated that, he believes no one can surpass him.

Minato Teleporting 10 Tails Tailed Beast Bomb

Orochimaru reanimated the previous 4 Hokages during the 4th Great Ninja War. And after talking with Sasuke and making him understand what the village is and other philosophical questions, they came to the battlefield. From all the previous Hokages Minato was the first to arrive.

He took the ginormous tailed beast bomb the 10 tails fired to destroy the whole shinobi alliance and teleported it to the ocean and then came back to where Naruto and other was.

And he did all that with his body flicker Jutsu. People seem to misunderstand the whole scene. Minato never knew Killer Bee was holding the tailed beast bomb. So he had to reach there by his raw speed and body flicker first.

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Minato Dodges Obito’s Kamui

Obito tried to catch Minato off-guard using his Kamui, because Obito knew how dangerous Minato was and to defeat him, Obito must catch him off guard. However, Minato had other ideas.

Though he had no idea what weird Jutsu Obito was using, he simply teleported the moment before Obito could suck him into the Kamui dimension. But Minato was fast enough to dodge that and teleport instantly.

Minato Catches Newborn Naruto

Obito killed Lady Biwako and Taji and took Naruto from them as leverage. Then, he wrapped Naruto with paper bombs and threw him in the midair. Minato catches his newborn son with an instant using his raw speed.

Right after that Minato notices the paper bombs and teleports to another safehouse, and jumps away after removing the towel. He teleported right before removing the towel so that the bombs may not harm Kushina.

Minato Saves Kushina From Kurama

After extracting Kurama out from Kushina, Obito tried to kill him with it. However, Minato arrived at the right time and saves Kushina thanks to his teleportation technique, incredible raw speed, and reaction speed.

Minato Attacks Obito

In the 4th Great Ninja War, Madara used the Black Zetsu and the black rods to stop Sasuke’s Susano Amaterasu arrow. Both Naruto and Sasuke were running towards Obito in order to stop him from performing the Rinne Rebirth Jutsu.

As running would take more time Sasuke tried to use a long-range attack to stop Obito and Madara stopped that as well.

At that moment, Minato made a shadow clone and teleported that to his former student Obito. Then he slashed him with a kunai knife. 

Minato’s Body Flicker

Minato was extremely fast with his body flicker Jutsu. It was stated that as a sensory ninja he could sense and then neutralize any threat or enemy enters in the village with his body flicker alone. Without anyone even realizing what happened.

In fact, when the 4 Hokages arrived on the battlefield, Tobirama was complimenting Minato’s body flicker Jutsu, not the teleportation Jutsu. The translation messed it up somehow.

Minato’s Teleportation Jutsu: Flying Raijin

The 2nd Hokage Tobirama Senju is the creator of this Jutsu. Minato learned it and then mastered it. With this Jutsu, he became literally unstoppable with his unparalleled speed.

Thus he became the fastest shinobi ever lived. Even Tobirama himself praised Minato for his speed in the 4th shinobi world war.

Flying Raijin Jutsu needs a marking to perform it. Minato had to put his marker where he wanted to teleport. So he put his marker in his kunai and threw it around.

It allowed him to teleport wherever he wanted. Minato could also make his marking move which we saw when he saved Kakashi after Kakashi got slashed by the enemy.


Minato Namikaze is known as the fastest ninja in history. The hidden stone ninjas had orders to flee on sight if they sees him. This badass literally terrified the whole shinobi world. And the fact that he could go wherever he wants whenever he wants in an instance made him an unprecedented threat.

So, I hope by now you have a pretty good idea of how fast is Minato. If you have any more questions, feel free to write us down below.

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