How Did Madara Get Rinnegan If He Used Izanagi?

how did madara get rinnegan

To awake the Rinnegan, you have to combine both Indra and Asura’s chakra. So, in order to do that, Madara bit off a piece of Hashirama’s flesh before he was defeated and killed by him. After coming back to life using Izanagi, he surgically implanted that flesh piece in his …

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How Did Danzo Get Sharingan On His Arm?

how did danzo get sharingan

After the Uchiha massacre, Danzo took many of their Sharingans. And later he transplanted them in his arm. Implanting Sharingan is nothing new as we saw Kakashi with his friend’s eye implanted. However, Danzo had Sharingan in his arm as well. As he had a connection with Orochimaru, it is …

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Why Is Sakura So Useless & Annoying? Honest Discussion

Why Is Sakura So Useless

Sakura Haruno is one of the main characters of the Naruto series. As one of the main characters of it, you will hope her to have some major impact on the show. But in Naruto (2002) series, she had no real contribution to the plot whatsoever. And the screentime she …

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How Did Itachi Die and Who Killed Him? Know The Real Facts

how did itachi die

Itachi died right after fighting his younger brother Sasuke, which led many people to believe even in the show that, Sasuke killed him. However, that is not the case. Sasuke did not defeat or kill Itachi. Itachi had a disease and as was he exhausted by excessive use of his …

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When Did Sakura Get Pregnant? – Details Answer Here

when did sakura get pregnant

Sakura chased after Sasuke after the 4th Great Ninja War. They traveled together for some time. And somewhere in June, she got pregnant with Sarada. And later, gave birth in one of Orochimaru’s Hideout and since Karin was there, she delivered the baby. You will find it in the #23rd …

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